I’ve talked a lot about surviving a hit and run speed boat accident in 2020 because it changed my life. I miraculously survived while my love passed away before my eyes and justice hasn’t been served. I saw everything, heard everything and I can’t breathe sometimes thinking about the guilty parties involved.   Now, I heal. In doing so I have written and self-published four books including, Design Your Mind to be Kind, dedicated to John LaGrassa, Heaven on Eleven and Little Book of Love, a relationship development book set dedicated to communication and love, and coming in spring of 2021, Lead by Example.   I’ve thought a lot about my accident and what it’s taught me. I’ve rebuilt myself, my body, my mind and my business. While people were quarantined worrying bout Corona, I sat with hospital gauze over the stitches in my head that were sewn up because of a 62 foot, double engine, 94,000 lb speed boat and a broken heart.   But hear this: I’ve always loved a good underdog story. Everyone has a comeback story and in 2021, I intend to become one of the most accessible executive business coaches and most booked inspirational speaker on the circuit teaching everyone about my work in kind communication as well as writing books, speaking on stages and building the brands of prominent entrepreneurs who want and need a virtual CMO like myself who is a powerhouse of ideas.   Today, I give you the top 7 ideals that I learned from the survival of a horrid, traumatic accident with stories that I will bring to stages this year and beyond because the lessons are universal to leaders everywhere to KEEP GOING!   Thank you for listening.   1.Circumstances of our lives do not define us, our behavior does. In fact, that’s the tagline of my next book coming spring 2021 called Lead By Example.  
  1. Life doesn’t happen to you. It’s happening for and with you simultaneously. You either take life’s hand when it reaches out to you and says, “Rise after a fall”, or you can stay down. I say rise. If you need a helping hand, I am here to help you learn the tools to apply what is needed to get back up no matter what to keep living fully.
  1. Stop focussing on what you can’t control. The perpetrators of the crime that I suffered through haven’t found court justice but I have ALL the secrets. I was there and I have every piece of evidence and proof of all parties involved. I will use it in my talks as an inspirational speaker. Keep with me to learn about controlling your controllables.
  1. You are more than what happens to you. I may have looked broken with serious neck injuries but my spirit was strong and it is stronger than its ever been.
  1. The present is not forever. Not only did I feel bodily pain and grief, I experienced many people before me who were unethical, lacked compassion and chose poor decisions, words and actions. Instead of react, I watched it all in real time and chose integrity. In fact, I wrote a book about it and it will wake you up to life.
  1. Pain remains until you find faith. A higher power and higher consciousness. Despite all that’s happened, my spirit remained strong. I found my faith and I now have an angel. I have received signs and conversations from another dimension and I’ve seen God’s work. With that, I have healed and I know that it is still my time to live.
  1. When your life changes, you have the power to change with it. My life changed before my eyes and as each month passed last year, I saw 12 months with 12 unique scenarios that taught me how to be more flexible with what I am given.
  Life seems to be pretty hectic but it is more like a painting that consistently needs another eye glance, another brush stroke, and a day or two to dry before adding another color. Don’t give up on your manifesto, your work of art- which is your life or your dreams. Keep painting. For more information on my executive coaching, motivational talks or programs, please visit The Kind Communicator.   Elizabeth Barry is a top producing Marketing Consultant and Executive Coach in Monmouth County NJ providing solutions, ideas and branding to companies, entrepreneurs and individuals looking to up-level. Elizabeth is a communication coach who partners with professionals who desire coaching to accelerate their success, make better choices, create balance and who want more out of life.   As a top producing New Jersey Coach and Consultant with over 20 years of experience advising, coaching and speaking within B2B, B2C, entrepreneurial, small business and executive environments, she thrives in all types of client relationships. Elizabeth Barry is a nationally recognized speaker and has recently published her sixth personal development book. As a result of her work, clients, audiences and fans are motivated, productive, less stressed, and are happier because of it.   Elizabeth Barry is New Jersey’s most trusted Marketing Consultant for entrepreneurs and Executive Coach for B2B and B2C offices. www.TheKindCommunicator.com[learn_press_profile]