Breathwork Coach

Breathwork & Guided Meditation Lessons 

Mindfulness reduces stress, increases confidence, and inspires you to believe in yourself. In today’s fast-paced world, Elizabeth reminds you to slow down offering proprietary breathwork, mindfulness, and a how-to for guided meditation so that you adopt a sustainable practice. Results are productivity, increased energy, enthusiasm for life, less stress and anxiety, and more childlike wonder and bliss. ¬†

Elizabeth Barry is certified in Breathwork, 500 hours of Yoga Teacher Training, Mindfulness, Anatomy, Yoga Philosophy, Chakra, and Brain Longevity Therapy. She has artfully customized a breathwork course that simplifies cellular biology, internal energy, and the benefits of breathwork for one-on-one coaching sessions, small and large businesses, non-profit organizations, business retreats, and local and worldwide events.

Her presentation style is infused with 20 years of TEDx training, and she presents relatable, charismatic stories that bring the energy up and walls down.

Om Life, Hanu Yoga, Yoga Alliance, SHARP, Montclair State University, Cella, Nuveen, Chambers of Commerce, and several other organizations have utilized Elizabeth’s workshops. Hundreds of private clients learn from her individual 1-1 lessons.

Deepen creativity, reduce stress levels, improve executive cognitive functioning, and be more mindful. Message Elizabeth Barry to sign up for her insanely addictive breathwork and personal empowerment one-on-one lessons.

Elizabeth has written seven books, which are available for individual and bulk purchases to enhance conscious leadership and communication.

Namaste, and welcome to your calmest year.