Love & Relationship Development

Love & Relationship Development

Since Elizabeth’s first book, Own Your Vulnerability, she has been coaching and empowering adults to love themselves first. Elizabeth’s coaching abilities in this niche are sought-after for comfort, ideas and tips to communicate healthily with partners in a healthy way while finding the self-confidence you deserve and desire. If you’re in a situation where you feel insecure, invest in Elizabeth’s coaching and her books, Heaven on Eleven & Little Book of Love.

Heaven on Eleven is a love story that includes 9 sections nurturing the reader on their own love journey; whether they have found love, looking for love or in a love rut. The poetic lyricist in Elizabeth’s style of writing shines as she tells her own story of finding love and losing love in a tragic boating accident when she watched her love pass away before her eyes in the water. Not long thereafter, he returned to her through signs and messages and continued with spiritual blessings since his passing. Their earthy and ethereal connection is mesmerizing. For believers and for those who love a good love story, this book is a not-to-miss heartfelt journey.

Read Little Book of Love after Heaven on Eleven as a symbol of personal strength to learn about your capacity to nurture relationships, step away from expectations and level-up higher life standards. This is an easy read asking readers to write their own love vows as they are taken to a magic show, to the beach, to the garden and to the skies in each chapter.

Read this for relationship therapy, divorce, women’s empowerment groups, and spiritual believers.

This book is a heartfelt memoir for Elizabeth’s life partner who lost his life in January of 2020. She encourages everyone to love in the NOW. Time waits for no one.

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