I’m an executive coach covering everything from entrepreneurs who need marketing and sales ideas to leaders who have lost their purpose and yearn to find more joy in their lives. I have my particular views about politics but try to keep them hidden, but I am watching everything that is happening like a hawk. I may be silent but I have a vast amount of information in my mind over the past few months. I’ve never been political in my life, but recent events and due to the nature of my recovery from an accident in 2020, I realize that the time is always now to keep learning something new.   As a communication expert, I not only study and advise people upon words, I also follow body language and approach. I see everything that’s happening right now from media influence to tech influence and the opinions of so many of us and it feels like we’re throwing around a slippery football in the field on a muddy day.   It’s a mess out there, you guys. What the $*)# are we gonna do?   Like any iconic football coach (and I did watch Rudy the other day that brought me to tears when they clapped and he walked onto the field and when they shouted his name in the last part of the game to play)- anyway, I digress…   Like any iconic sports coach, there are massive amounts of responsibility that we as players of life must take. There are words of wisdom that we direly need to study and many of us need to sit on the bench for a while and re-learn the game.   Humanity is at war with communication. How we communicate matters. I see lies, disinformation, anger, hatred- sometimes just to hate, and other mean and aggressive tendencies. I am an author of 5 personal and professional development books based in communication and I have written two more to launch in the spring regarding emotional intelligence and spiritual intelligence. These next two books are based on my rise after a horrific and tragic event in my life. I experienced so many great people and a few low energy smug individuals during this time that all I could do was write about it. I also followed my own work based in silent integrity and it worked! What I write and coach works… even for me. I change lives not only for others but for myself. Dear friends, we must do the work!   I healed myself, I watched myself grow from a very sad and deep place and I am determined to be a light for anyone in this world right now. I was broken physically but my spirituality has soared. And my spirituality was very high to begin with… so I am a bit floating on air right now in the spiritual game. It’s very promising and enlightening. Through nerve damage and a neck injury I received a yoga certification and now teach yoga and meditation both privately and in corporate settings.   I teach public speaking lessons and goodness, we need to revisit the way that we speak right now, for the sake of humanity. And yes, life learning that is consistent will lead to the mastery of happiness. Anyone who halts a learning rots like a plant. I wrote all about it in my next book, Lead by Example.   What I want to say is this: Dear friends and business colleagues, if you are sharing hate on purpose, please be cautious of the energy you are putting out there in the field of the universe right now. It is not only causing an unsettling feeling on social media, but it detracts from your own greatness.   We’re all guilty of feeling the way we feel, but the lesson here is simple: We have to save humanity by being human kind. Be a human being… be, live and love. And by all means, please, be kind.   It’s that simple and yet it’s so complicated. If you’d like a bit of advice, I will love you through your falls, mistakes and errors. If you’re a reactor, even better. I can help. There’s never been a better time than now to receive advice on communication, no matter how old you are or what title you have. Humanity is counting on it. Love EB   Fill out this form for a virtual coffee and let’s talk openly about growth.   Elizabeth Barry is a top producing Marketing Consultant and Executive Coach in Monmouth County NJ providing solutions, ideas and branding to companies, entrepreneurs and individuals looking to up-level. Elizabeth is a communication coach who partners with professionals who desire coaching to accelerate their success, make better choices, create balance and who want more out of life.   As a top producing New Jersey Coach and Consultant with over 20 years of experience advising, coaching and speaking within B2B, B2C, entrepreneurial, small business and executive environments, she thrives in all types of client relationships. Elizabeth Barry is a nationally recognized speaker and has recently published her sixth personal development book. As a result of her work, clients, audiences and fans are motivated, productive, less stressed, and are happier because of it.   Elizabeth Barry is New Jersey’s most trusted Marketing Consultant for entrepreneurs and Executive Coach for B2B and B2C offices. www.TheKindCommunicator.com[learn_press_profile]