When I wrote the book The Kind Communicator and then followed up with Design Your Mind to be Kind, I created something called The Kindness Innovation.   The Kindness Innovation is about speaking kindly, directly and thoughtfully. It’s not just about being kind. Kindness is a word that is easily thrown around on the web as something that’s easy to do. Sure, it’s easy to be nice, but not so much for normal human beings who haven’t done a tremendous amount of personal development work because there are factors involved such as individual baggage, societal damage and norms, pressure to be liked or right, ego, emotions and relationships that are complicated. People are also complicated. There’s a lot of darkness and for some, and for others, there’s a large level of lightness and levity. Together, it’s not always a blended light pink and green Monet… and many times it’s more like a 4th of July firecracker. And no matter how much work you do on yourself, there’s always room for more because continuous life learning is a gift to behold.   The world is filled with broken people. The world is filled with people who need to justify and be right, and many a time these people show up as needing to have the last word, ie: sending long, rambling texts or a long-winded email blaming, pointing, justifying and ranting to be right, to justify or project their thoughts onto other people.   This is not healthy, dear ones. This is a sign of defensive, rude, egoic, invasive behavior with the dire need to talk over someone or to simply justify oneself.   People who don’t meet others where they are at don’t honor them; nor do they honor their own self-respect. Individuals who only talk to reply or rebut… are people with an agenda filled with a broken internal communication system that runs between the mind and the heart. This is an intrinsic matter that shows up on the outside that’s not so pretty; not so healthy, and quite destructible.   This is where the kindness innovation comes in because it takes that one word, kindness, and breaks it down into layers (not just one meaning but many) based on the plethora of above scenarios mentioned as well as the next steps which include boundaries, walking away from unhealthy people, not responding, not needing to respond, finding another way to see things and choosing not be one of those broken people; and if we are, here’s the kicker you guys… it’s super healthy to raise your hand and ask for help to see things in a new way. It’s so freaking unbelievable to look at your SH*T and say, “Holy *$&%, it’s me!” I am a reactor! I am a justifier! I am a projector! And what a wonderful world results from that… I’m telling you, this is life changing work!   So again, the kindness innovation is just not about being kind; it’s about speaking your truth kindly, directly and thoughtfully and meeting people where they are at, because it’s healthy to do so. It’s about being more silent, as in my upcoming book is titled, Silent Integrity, arriving summer 2021.   Having the last word is rarely a beautiful scene, especially when it’s long-winded gibberish based upon internal jargon of the monkey mind and the egoic voice prompting you to give a jab and a jolt… just because. And for what, dear ones? To be right? Come on… you’re better than that. Honor yourself and respect yourself to show up better, kinder and calmer. Speak your truth and let yourself truly and whole-heartedly know that when you do, it’s real and raw and good, not only for you but for humanity at large.   In my next book, Lead by Example, I teach people about a philosophy called The Kind Communicator Philosophy. I see a philosophy as something that is moving; it’s energetic. I imagine the word philosophy as a circle that keeps flowing energy around and around and around with lots of arrows and motion.   There are four pillars within The Kind Communicator Philosophy based upon teaching, learning, growing and transforming. That’s the best part about going beyond the ego and being one with authenticity. There is always a chance to mess up; that’s how it works. A philosophy is in motion, movement… so dear ones, let this message come to you today, January 19th 2021 to give you a sense of freedom in the heart and a sense of calm in the mind to know that your internal system says a lot about yo. Your internal heart and mind connection shows up on the outside as words and actions- and that’s when the work gets a chance to be seen, heard and experienced both by you, other people and the world.   So how do you show up? How do you want to show up? Do you need to change anything? And do you at least see the word kindness as layers deep now, rather than a word passed around the web as something to do.   Lead by Example comes out spring of 2021 and Silent Integrity follows this summer. The Kind Communicator and Design Your Mind to be Kind are available as a duo on my website, www.thekindcommunicator.com.   Working on yourself can be a gift. Working through challenges is not easy but it’s worth it. You got this.   Be Kind (said knowing that goodness, gracious… that phrase has LAY-ERS! LAY-ERS!   Elizabeth Barry is a top producing Marketing Consultant and Executive Coach in Monmouth County NJ providing solutions, ideas and branding to companies, entrepreneurs and individuals looking to up-level. Elizabeth is a communication coach who partners with professionals who desire coaching to accelerate their success, make better choices, create balance and who want more out of life.   As a top producing New Jersey Coach and Consultant with over 20 years of experience advising, coaching and speaking within B2B, B2C, entrepreneurial, small business and executive environments, she thrives in all types of client relationships. Elizabeth Barry is a nationally recognized speaker and has recently published her sixth personal development book. As a result of her work, clients, audiences and fans are motivated, productive, less stressed, and are happier because of it.   Elizabeth Barry is New Jersey’s most trusted Marketing Consultant for entrepreneurs and Executive Coach for B2B and B2C offices.  www.TheKindCommunicator.com    [learn_press_profile]