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Elizabeth Barry leads the way with her Kindness Innovation and BeyondEgo movement based on compassionate leadership, thoughtful speaking, active listening, and mindful behavior.

The Kindness Innovation instills a purpose for increased conscious communication to discover and showcase your authenticity. Elizabeth’s personalized training in communication and breathwork will transform you with confidence and vulnerability.

Elizabeth is a magnetic visionary that pulls you in like gravity. She’s a nationally recognized communication coach, business consultant, motivational speaker, and event curator with experience in B2C, B2B, non-profit, higher education, and service-based businesses.

Elizabeth’s entrepreneurial vision came to life at 28, launching a strategic marketing agency in 2006. She’s since rebranded hundreds of companies for entrepreneurs, curated 17 TEDx events, launched Women in Business Councils, and traveled the world. She’s worked with digital marketing agencies and knows her way around sales and marketing leaders. She’s also owned a Pilates Studio in the mix of it all. She’s been coached by Gary Bishop, Wayne Dyer, Robin Sharma, Tony Robbins and is inspired by breathwork, mindfulness, and yogic philosophy.

Elizabeth helps you discover what’s missing in your life as you amplify your greatness through confidence and self-love. Her body of work is inspired by nature, furthering your next-level thinking towards a peaceful and abundant state of mind. Clients rave that they feel loved and listened to under Elizabeth’s wing.

Accolades include 2 NJ Proclamations, she was named The Kind Communicator and Brandpreneur of the Year by Leading Women Entrepreneurs, received an Athena Nominee by the Monmouth County Chamber of Commerce, was awarded Top 40 under 40 in Digital Marketing by NJBiz and was named the very first Women in Business of the Year in Hoboken. Her honest, authentic, and charismatic approach draws people to her natural ability to lead.

On a heartfelt note, Elizabeth miraculously survived a tragic boating accident in January 2020. She was struck in the skull by a speed boat while snorkeling, and she lost her life partner and love in the water beside her. She continues to heal and turn her life around, inspiring audiences with motivational books and talking about the power of breath, the uniqueness of the soul, and the very essence of the moment. She wrote Heaven on Eleven as a dedication to her love story.

On a personal note, she has three rescue cats and wakes up daily with gratitude. Her infectious energy will amaze you and make you feel at home with her heart.

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