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Elizabeth Barry is magnetic. Her ability to inspire your audience with stories, analogies, and tips about world-class communication is fantastic. She’s a wow factor to watch in action, and her charisma inspires participants to feel empowered and connected. Elizabeth delivers a superb balance of pure energy and wisdom on stage, blending real-world stories, optimism, and nature analogies with powerful authentic communication tips. Elizabeth presents with a “realness” that is refreshingly charming and humorous. Her presentation skills on compassion have life-long takeaways.

Elizabeth Barry’s Kind Communicator Leadership Talks and Workshops are designed to offer executives, management, and employees soft skills and tools for speaking, listening, and behaving with morale and ethics.

Programs include on-site or virtual workshops and seminars, talks, book signings, ongoing coaching and periodic follow ups.

Attendees Feel Like They're On Top of the World

  • “I feel seen, heard, respected, and trusted.”
  • “I’m going to speak with confidence and conviction.”
  • “I’m changing the way I see myself and I like it.”
  • “I learned to de-stress, and it felt like magic!”

Elizabeth brings over 20 years of experience in public speaking for small businesses, startup, corporate, non-profits, B2B and B2C. Elizabeth’s Kind Communication talks infuse positive audience takeaways that melt hearts for years to come.

Elizabeth Has Popularized a Hot Topic: Kind Communication



Improve Wellbeing with Communication

  • Develop Confidence
  • Speak with Influence
  • Actively Listen
  • Re-frame Your Approach

Elizabeth commands the room, teaching the art of vulnerability as a strength with 4 major principles: 1. Communication 2. Mindfulness and Mindset 3. Breathwork and Meditation 4. Wellbeing

Kind communication will change your office culture. Hire Elizabeth for a workshop, talk, keynote, business retreat or non-profit experience today!

Kind Communicator Group Coaching, Workshops & Talks

Features & Benefits

  • Clear spoken and written communication
  • Understanding body language
  • Empathy, compassion and soft skills training
  • Time management and work-life balance
  • Improvement of goal-setting, positivity and passion
  • Problem solving and conflict – resolution strategies
  • Neuroscience of communication – mirror neurons, breathwork, calm under fire
  • Ethical decision making with moral and balance
  • Influence, Sales & Customer Service
  • Awareness and Relationship Building
  • Triggers/Patterns
  • Managing Emotions – Vs. Healthy Responses
  • Office Etiquette
  • Manager Training & Delegation
  • A culture of productivity
  • Stress management, productivity and responsibility