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Lead Like an Eagle

It’s often hard to position yourself as a brand or a company. One of the ways in which I help my clients build brand positioning which is always evergreen and changing as we grow, is to focus on their spirit.... Read More

What surviving a tragic accident taught me

  I’ve talked a lot about surviving a hit and run speed boat accident in 2020 because it changed my life. I miraculously survived while my love passed away before my eyes and justice hasn’t been served. I saw everything,... Read More

How to Best Support Humanity in 2021

I’m an executive coach covering everything from entrepreneurs who need marketing and sales ideas to leaders who have lost their purpose and yearn to find more joy in their lives. I have my particular views about politics but try to... Read More

The Kindness Innovation Inside Scoop

When I wrote the book The Kind Communicator and then followed up with Design Your Mind to be Kind, I created something called The Kindness Innovation.   The Kindness Innovation is about speaking kindly, directly and thoughtfully. It’s not just... Read More

How to Give And Receive Constructive Advice

How to Give And Receive Constructive Advice Ahhh, the beauty of opinions… everyone’s got one and we are all part of this magical world of receiving opinions and advice, but can we get better at it? I certainly think so.... Read More