It’s often hard to position yourself as a brand or a company. One of the ways in which I help my clients build brand positioning which is always evergreen and changing as we grow, is to focus on their spirit. Brand positioning relates to positioning your product, service and company in the mind of the consumer and prospect. In this article, I want to highlight one of the reasons and the very purpose of my work- I bring a level of spirituality to business and for most leaders, that is tough work, but it’s also freeing. Rigidity is rampant and my focus is to open the hearts of my marketing clients and coaching clients so that they can spread their wings and see with new eyes thanks to the work we do. I’m very proud of the clients that I work with and the projects I am chosen to receive. I’m currently working with Photographer, Mark Alberhasky, who took the remarkable photo of the eagle you see in this photo. On the right side, is a hand-drawing of an eagle that I put together for my upcoming book, Lead by Example, where I include over 21 drawings of spirit animals and their meanings as a way to encourage leaders in life to stretch the limits of their imagination. The spirit animal of the eagle asks us to be courageous, not accepting the status quo and to believe in what we are capable of with a higher perspective. It is said that the eagle has 7-8x that of a human eyesight. We must be more patient with our present knowing that possibilities can occur, miracles can and do arrive and opportunities present themselves and fly in when ready. We may not always be ready to take flight, but with a little help pushing off the ground with a bit of strength, our nobility can travel far and wide. Opening up the pathway to the heart and mind is something that I’ve focussed on for years. Each and every decade that I enter, I am blessed with receiving new clients with various needs from coaching to consulting, advice and leadership requirements for self-development both personal and professional. One day, I shared my eagle drawing with Mark and he shared his photo back with me and immediately I placed them side by side. It’s remarkable how our spirit knows just what to do next. I’m no artist; I am more of a dreamer and a doer and I like to create. I’m becoming a prolific writer with a verse of words that speak volumes from the spirit that lives and flies from inside of me and the gift that I have is to see from many different perspectives and heights. The eagle is majestic; we too, as human beings, as great leaders, have the same talent to be able to see beyond our wildest dreams, and by sharing a drawing, receiving an exceptional photo back, and placing them together, I was inspired to share this story with you. The beauty and grace of an eagle shares a brilliance with all of us. Immediately, our eyes and our very own spirit draws. Upon its eyes, feathers and large feet; even their wingspan. The chief winged creature is divine and special sharing the idea of renewed life force, stamina and resilience to get over any difficulty. We can be pushed to our limits and remain in our nests or we can be inspired to fly higher than ever before. Gaining the desire to take flight is an act of courage and exploration as we yearn to relinquish a stale life, career choice, relationship or state of being and go higher towards victory. Make today your day to be like the spirit animal of an eagle and if you’re interested in my next book called Lead by Example, The Cirumcstanes of Your Life Do Not Define You, Your Behavior Does, please follow me and visit to sign up for my email list. I continuers share my spirit and spirituality in my coaching and consulting work and my clients know that an analogy or five will always come out on a call or in a session, in a n email follow up and that’s what makes the process work so well. I hope to fly high with you and to see you success in 2021 an beyond. Special Thanks to Mark Alberhasky for this image, as it brings a tear to the eye knowing the majesty of a bird- taking us all back ten breaths to the present moment to look up as mother nature is a heck of a teacher for presence and gratitude.[learn_press_profile]