Everything you coached me on helped educate me about my words. Most importantly, I now stay silent and listen, taking mental notes, and then I speak. Everything I’ve learned and worked on with you is being used. I repeatedly use Kind Communication. You really don’t know what the subconscious has taken in until you are in a situation where you are using it yourself. Thank you Elizabeth! D.T.


    Elizabeth Barry is a true inspiration. Elizabeth helps you find the peace your soul desires and helps clarify the mind to boost your quality of life. If you are feeling stuck or need guidance, her executive coaching will provide you with action- based solutions. I encourage you to start a dialogue with Elizabeth today! V.F.


      Elizabeth gives MORE than just your average session! She gets so granular and goes over and beyond. She provided tangible ideas on how I can shift and shape my business in regards to social landscape, potential partnerships, virtual events, quite honestly the list is endless. I recommend her in the highest regards! M.M.


        Elizabeth Barry will change your life. To say so is an understatement. I cannot say enough about the kind of professional that she is. Between her leadership, books and seminars, she is a true example of one who lives and breathes what she shares and teaches. She is a true life elevator and you will see those results immediately. M.F.

          RADIATE JOY

          Elizabeth is one of those people you feel fortunate to have met. She radiates a powerful, joyful, genuine energy that makes you want to let your guard down and learn from her. Elizabeth hosted an iHeartMedia Learning Series event for all employees and the results were incredible with an instant shift in mindsets and a new sense of gratitude. I would jump at the opportunity to work with her again! R.G.


            Elizabeth is an incredibly powerful coach. She has such a diverse background and could speak my language. She gave me excellent advice from the business, marketing, branding, and sales with compassion built into all of her words. S.M.

              SHE'S A DYNAMO!

              Elizabeth is an event planning and management dynamo! Both the advance organization and on-site management of her curation were flawless. Wrangling speakers is like herding cats, but Elizabeth gets it done! R.D.

                THE BEST!

                If you’re planning a business event, you need Elizabeth Barry. Her coordination of PROFITCON 2019 was by far the best conference I’ve ever attended. She’s perfected the blend of entertainment, engagement, and education to create an incredibly valuable interactive experience. Every speaker, sponsor, and attendee I talked with was extremely complimentary of her efforts and the ROI of their attendance. She didn’t miss a beat. I’ll follow her anywhere. N.G.

                  Elizabeth’s audiences reign happy words for her tenacious talent towards their goals. For more reviews, please visit her LinkedIN and Google Reviews. If you’re a client, drop a review. She loves and appreciates all of you.