Lead by Example How to become a World-Class Communicator and a Spiritual Warrior

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The circumstances of your life do not define you; the way that you behave does.

This book starts the engine of the force within us all to be kinder to ourselves and each other.

Elizabeth continues her kindness innovation charting new territory in leadership development with the introduction of spiritual intelligence. Introducing: The Kind Communicator Philosophy, Messenger Mindset Theory, Quantum Theory of the Heart, The Seven Relationship Types and much more.

This book is full of professional and personal development tools and skillsets dedicated to adults looking for enlightenment and encouragement to be a calm leader and a clear and effective communicator.

Lead By Example is a spiritual novel, business book and personal mastery encyclopedia filled with healthy communication ideas for thoughtful listening and speaking habits. Get ready to challenge patterns that will reward you with ways to cultivate a leadership legacy with panache. Your energy precedes you as you enter a room and your legacy builds behind. Learn more about the mind, heart and spirit and how the interior of you affects your exterior everything…

Learn how to believe in yourself and how to behave during some of your hardest life moments. It’s not easy to remain calm when stress is near but if you practice putting yourself in a higher state of consciousness during difficult times, you will find solutions. Make more responsible behaviors and achieve momentum to make important decisions with uplifted morale and ethics.

Lead by Example welcomes those who are ready to transform and receive coaching from this beautiful book and perhaps beyond it. Get ready to learn about breathwork and be inspired by spirit animals and multiple analogies and stories in every chapter. Message Elizabeth anytime for guidance

There will be an online launch event as well as several in-person book signings. Expect the best… August 2021.

Click here for an inspirational video that thanks you for your investment to the books written.

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The Kindness Innovation