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The Kind Communicator Effect:
Go Beyond Ego

Meet Elizabeth Barry, the powerhouse communication coach who has created a mission that helps hundreds of women and men get out of their own way within self-love, spirituality, career, relationships, and vulnerability. When you learn how to go beyond your ego and step into your authenticity, you feel fully alive! Learn what kind communication means for your values and career growth, and focus on truly diffusing limiting beliefs to live in your power.

Positive Transformation Coaching

Elizabeth’s Signature Conscious Communication Coaching Program offers a sacred space to feel seen and heard. Everyone who goes through her four-month program receives a powerful wake-up call, learning how their legacy can shift with their words. Perfect for life’s unsettling uncertainties, divorce, insecurity, impostor syndrome, career stress, and confusion of what to do next, to lift you up, dust you off, and give you wings to fly.

Let Elizabeth’s energetic charm, innovative philosophies, acute listening, and craftily written follow-ups increase perseverance to go beyond ego in your life. Her program includes coaching, mindfulness, breathwork, guided meditation, stress release, communication, and energy work.

Become the Calmest, Most Confident Person You ever Dreamed You Could be

If you’re ready to diffuse fear, tired of reacting, or exhausted from playing small, join Elizabeth’s coaching program to increase your self-worth. Elizabeth’s clients are small business leaders, moms, wives, managers, sales executives, CEOs, and anyone who feels stuck and needs to get to the other side of what they’re facing. She has newly adopted younger clients trying to navigate the stress and pressure of their first job to learn how to build a legacy and nurture new relationships.



A 120 Day Transformation with Conscious Communication Coaching

+Opportunity for advancement


  • 12 45 min. 1:1 weekly sessions
  • 12 (30 min) written executive follow-ups with assignments that help you stay on track are sent with a personal touch every week
  • Early morning and evening coaching are available

With the help of a coach, you simply get better at who you are, and who you wish to be. If somewhere along the way, you stopped improving or feel stuck, today is your day to get ‘unstuck!’

A good coach becomes your external eyes and ears, creating a much clearer picture of your reality. A coach will humble you with a fundamental picture of your life, guiding you to break down your actions and words, only to build them back up again in an exceptionally new way. After 1 months of coaching, you’ll feel yourself up-leveling, and after 3-6 months, you’ll be floating on air.

Sign up NOW for Conscious Communication Coaching to Develop:

  • Influential speaking and listening habits
  • Relationship development skills
  • Self-love and confidence
  • Communication
  • Personal branding
  • Achieve a spiritual practice to stop mind-chatter
  • Positive affirmation training for vulnerability and success
  • Brain longevity advice and mindfulness tactics
  • Release anxiety and ego stories for exceptional leadership development

You Could Be Next! I Proudly Work With:

People who are ready to be held accountable

Frustrated adults who want to create more time for themselves

Managers who desire ‘people skills’, soft skills, and leadership training

Entrepreneurs who want to focus and see more prosperity

CEO’s who feel stuck in their business and want motivation to keep going

Partners who want to relate to their lovers with respect and intimacy

Reactors who are tired of their toxicity and anxiety

Leaders who want to increase personal confidence and build a legacy

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