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Spend a Year Fueled by Mindfulness

This is an EXCLUSIVE opportunity to grow into a more calm, balanced, happy and confident person. Beyond the BS of limiting beliefs, fears and overwhelm, your self-worth CAN BE discovered and re-discovered through this annual Group Coaching Experience.

Declare what you desire, go after it with conviction, believe in yourself and have the support of others who believe in you too!

BECOME A BeyondEgo VIP Member

Elizabeth Barry invites to be spiritually grounded. Step into a character in one of her kindness books and open the pages to your next big life move!

The BeyondEgo Group Coaching Experience helps you to unapologetically shine bright for the foreseeable future. Enjoy intimate, private and wholesome discussions based on self-love, career, well-being, passion, purpose and life significance. Come to learn, grow and heal from the inside out! Realize what’s really important in life, be proud of yourself for nourishing your soul and network with people who have a similar frame of mind.

A Supportive Tribe

The moment you join the BeyondEgo MasterMind experience you’ll become part of an elevated tribe of pioneers who yearn to live consciously with more life balance.

Each month, you’ll meet with a positive group of success-driven members to deepen your mindfulness skills and improve your personal relationships and life trajectory. Open your mind to new ideas to live and love life in the present moment with PURPOSE AND PASSION.

Kindness Pricing: Payment 1 due by Jan 1. $225. Payment 2 due by May 1 of $174.

Success Driven Themes

Receive personal messages focused on inspirational ways to guide you to be a positive example in your life.

Monthly Group Empowerment

We meet each month for a private one hour motivational session in a time that works for the whole group. Let something go and let something new as you share powerful, vulnerable stories and receive healthy advice.

Mindfulness Benefits

Enjoy monthly guided meditations that are short enough to fit into a busy schedule and powerful enough to inspire you to return to them again and again, both live and in the portal.


Personally connect in our private Facebook group, and enjoy a monthly buddy system for accountability and leadership growth with other members.


Enjoy a complimentary access to MasterClasses, exclusive discounts on books, a 2022 course and coaching sessions.

Join the 2022 BeyondEgo VIP Mastermind Experience

Annual Group Coaching Program - in 2 Installments

$ 399 / year

Join our Tribe and Feel Seen & Heard

We positively contribute to one another’s success story as we rise in consciousness. Partake in conversations and receive insight from each other’s experiences, good and bad, up and down. This program will deepen your level of joy and confidence in the way you speak, listen and show up in life.

Going through divorce or breakup, looking for a new career, bored, starting a company, financial woes, lacking accountability or feeling “stuck”… this Group Coaching Program will bring out the best in you!

2022 includes a buddy system, leadership activities and several reasons to laugh and smile.

Get Out of Your Own Way

Seize the moment for 2022! Share vulnerable stories and feel so aligned with people beyond your traditional groups. Believe in yourself, develop confidence and be less reactive and healthier in the mind, heart and spirit.

“This is MY TRIBE!”

“I feel so empowered after each session and group event!”

“This group made me feel whole!”

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