Life begins
where ego ends

When you learn how to breathe, conscious communication becomes second nature.

I’ve spent nearly 30 years as a coach and consultant and 15 studying yoga. I’ve developed a way to bring Yoga of the Mind to clients so they can live their best lives.

Conscious Communication

Reconnect with what matters using tools to speak kindly, lead a room, manage a team, grow a business, enrich relationships, present with style, and act with intention.

Silent Integrity and Color Flow Gift Set

Silent Integrity offers readers a metaphysical climb through the body to understand their energy to develop emotional control. This powerful 200-page epic read highlights navigating silence, chakra opening, emotional intelligence, and the flow state.

A Mindfulness Coloring book launches with Silent Integrity, featuring spirit animals, nature motifs, and mandalas to enhance calm and guide readers into  the “flow state.”

Self-Discovery Books

BeyondEgo Publishing offers insightful philosophies and stories about self-development, communication, personal growth, and vulnerability. Each book has the potential to change the way you see yourself, how you interact with others, and how you experience the world. Every order comes with a nature gift.

“Kind Communication, practiced daily, can enrich your years on this earth.” -Elizabeth Barry

Mindfulness Coloring Book

Transport yourself into a flow state, where creativity feels effortless and the present moment becomes your primary focus.


Hire Elizabeth to speak at your next gathering, business retreat, or corporate office event. With her TEDx speaker training experience, co-hosting of large conferences, and unique stories from her books, she brings a compassionate magnetism to stages with the kind communicator message.

Breathwork Coach

Elizabeth Barry is an SME in mindful communication, reflective listening, and ego. She’s carved a niche in conscious communication, rooted in yoga philosophy, embodiment, energy, and breath regulation to hold clients accountable to speak calmly, stay present, and be less reactive. 

Leveraging her 500-hour yoga teacher training and countless mindfulness certifications, find yourself at home with Elizabeth, learning the value of breath, energy, and presence.


"Working with Elizabeth has been amazing. She is laser-focused, direct, and gets to the point. Her ability to bring you where you need to be in a short period of time is an art. It has been a wonderful experience working with her."
-Lisa Lieberman-Wang


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