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A Thought Leader on the Power of Kind Communication

Elizabeth Barry coaches and consults people on the art of world-class communication. Through her movement, The Kind Communicator, she has helped hundreds of adults master the art of effective speaking and listening skillsets, empathy and compassionate leadership in all areas of life. It’s challenging to overcome insecurities, habits, and emotional drama, but Elizabeth’s energy makes it super exciting through her programs.

Her down-to-earth approach is respected and admired by all who come to her for clarity, advice and honest feedback. Individuals and office teams seeking to experience communication mastery, business leadership, relationship development and a happier work-life-balance will get to unlock their personal power, purpose, passion and potential with EB.

Invest in her private coaching to see world-class results in yourself that lead to new beginnings to live, speak and act from a mindful place.

Self-Development | Leadership | World-Class Communication

Personal growth, professional development, public speaking, personal branding and business etiquette in the form of:

1:1 Coaching

Group Workshop and Talks

The Power of Kind Communication

Elizabeth Barry is a renowned communication activist and exceptional small business consultant with an empowering, spiritual approach to speaking, listening and living a fulfilled life. She provides inspirational tools through proprietary coaching and training systems that help people achieve optimal health and wellness so that peace, aliveness and balance are a daily ritual. Elizabeth is on a mission to change the world with kind communication. We are all capable of starting over!

Elizabeth teaches clients to go beyond ego and to find their truth and authenticity through kinder words and softer behaviors. Her BeyondEgo movement has sparked a number of life transformations in people who have made soft skills a more practical and inspirational part of their lives.

Elizabeth’s luminous career combines over 20 years of communication mastery, multiple awards, mindfulness certificates and lots of love. She enhances the lives of people, employees, CEOs and leaders with a focus on kindness and compassionate speaking skills.

If you’re looking for ways to re-energize, heal and flourish in life, work 1:1 with Elizabeth to reflect upon life directions, lessen pressures and walk towards new priorities that make your heart sing.

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“When you go beyond the ego, beyond who you think you "ought" to be and you step into your authenticity... that's when you really start to LIVE!"

“Let go and let in and let’s begin…”.

BE 26 | Ultimate Middle Finger

The Kind Communicator Philosophy

Calm Leadership Rooted in Kind Communication 

I have created a coaching practice where everyone finds themselves, lessens burdens and achieves new goals. It is possible to chance communication habits. It is possible to stay calm in chaos. It’s possible to BE and to become! Get excited to improve communication skills that’ll help you live from a more mindful place through my books, coaching and workshops.

New beginnings | Transitions | Goal-setting endeavors

Your energy precedes you as you enter a room and your legacy builds behind. Learn more about the mind, heart and spirit and how to behave during some of your hardest life moments. It’s not easy to remain calm when stress is near but if you practice putting yourself in a higher state of consciousness during difficult times, you will find solutions. Make important decisions with uplifted morale and ethics thanks to implementing The Kind Communicator Philosophy into your life.


Your Circumstances do not define you. Your behavior does.

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“Kind Communication, practiced daily, can enrich your years on this earth.” -Elizabeth Barry

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The Kind Communicator
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