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Elizabeth Barry is a Force of Nature

Refreshingly Untraditional

A Thought-Leader on the Power of Kind Communication

Executive Business Coach | Communication Expert | Nationally Recognized Speaker | Inspirational Author | Spiritual Teacher

Build your brand | Find your purpose | Speak like a leader


It’s challenging to overcome insecurities, career transitions, habits, and emotional drama, but Elizabeth’s energy makes it super exciting. Her down-to-earth approach is respected and admired by all who come to her for clarity, advice and honest feedback.

With just one session, you’ll immediately see and feel results and you’ll certainly want more.

I enthusiastically welcome you to my website and extensive business portfolio. Here’s a short video describing how you can hire me to change your life and career in remarkable ways. Watch and schedule a call and then fasten your seatbelt.

Hello, Im Elizabeth Barry. I’m a proud leader in the field of communication and I believe that great leaders are great communicators. Let’s work together to remove your roadblocks to increase trust, connection and authenticity. I am humbled to take leaders beyond their potential.

As a business advisor, I help professionals make important decisions, accelerate success and find life balance. As a marketing expert, I help entrepreneurs write powerful stories and create engaging messaging for their personal brands. As a speaker, I take the stage with enthusiasm, empower audiences and I offer public speaking lessons on storytelling, delivery and sharing the full expression of your greatness.

My body of work thrives on coaching, consulting and training in the areas of compassionate leadership, spiritual and emotional intelligence and kind communication. My clients are prosperous, happy and empowered and that makes me proud.

Clients hire me to find purpose, nurture relationships, enhance self-esteem and evoke creativity. Small businesses, organizations and corporate brands hire me to give talks, keynotes and workshops based on powerful speaking and listening advice. I’m a certified yoga instructor and offer a variety of mindfulness services such as meditation and breath work.

Our stories change throughout our lives. Our purpose gets lost, but it’s always ready to be found. Some of us have a story living inside of us to be shared on stage or in a book. I believe in you.

Elizabeth Barry’s coaching feels natural. Her approach inspires thought-leadership and greatness. You’ll immediately feel her impact.

One on One Coaching & Consulting

Elizabeth works with entrepreneurs and small business owners  to build their business and brands. She also coaches executives and business professionals on career transitions, work-life balance and leadership development.

Group Coaching

Elizabeth is hired as an empowerment speaker and can train, coach and teach employees, teams and managers how to communicate powerfully in a kind and compassionate way.

Beyond your ego is the discovery of your authentic self. Elizabeth’s Kind Communicator Philosophy helps clients develop mindfulness in order to speak kindly, directly and thoughtfully. When clients practice and implement her strategies, they achieve next level results and become world-class communicators.

Have a Spiritual Awakening

Elizabeth is a phenomenal spiritual teacher and yoga instructor. Her fascination with nature differentiates her body of work from other leaders in her field. She can take a tree, a sunflower, the stars in the sky or a body of water and provide endless analogies for the discovery of purpose. If you read any one of her books or receive her coaching, she will become your go-to authority to continuously believe in the nature of being a grounded human being.

Invest in Elizabeth’s books and get coached to write your own book

Explore Your Full Potential


The Kind Communicator
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