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Elizabeth Barry is a Force of Nature

Refreshingly Untraditional

A Thought-Leader on the Power of Kind Communication

Executive Business Coach & Consultant | Speaker | Author

Self-Development | Leadership | World-Class Communication


Elizabeth Barry coaches and consults professionals on the art of world-class communication. Through her movement, The Kind Communicator, she has helped hundreds of adults master the art of kind communication with effective speaking and listening skills. It’s challenging to overcome insecurities, career transitions, habits, and emotional drama, but Elizabeth’s energy makes it super exciting through her programs.

Her down-to-earth approach is respected and admired by all who come to her for clarity, advice and honest feedback. Individuals and small business teams seeking to experience a powerful transformation with a focus on kind communication and compassionate leadership skills will get to unlock their personal power, purpose, passion and potential.

Invest in her 90-Day Transformational Unstoppable Authenticity Program to see world-class results in yourself.

Elizabeth enthusiastically welcomes her 6th book, Lead By Example, with a creative partnership with professional dancer, Kristen Mangione. Together, through poetic words and movement, they bring the elements of spirit animals to life. Order your copy today and talk to Elizabeth about how she can help you!


UnStoppable Authenticity

A 90-Day Self-Development Program Rooted in Kind Communication

For clients interested in Personal Mastery, Business Leadership, Relationship Development and a happier second half of life.

Get excited to improve communication skills that’ll help you live from a more mindful place.

Perfect for new beginnings, transitions and goal-setting endeavors.

Engage in Elizabeth’s proprietary program that refines habits through 4 phases and a 12 step process to speak, listen, behave, think and feel from the highest self. Sign on with a challenge and a goal, and complete your program with a positive mindset that is influenced after a few sessions and refined throughout.


Elizabeth Barry is a resourceful thought-leader. You’ll immediately feel her impact.

One on One Coaching & Consulting

All adults looking for innovation, change and growth in personal and professional development, public speaking, communication, personal branding and business ettiquette.

Group Coaching

Empower teams, small to large business, corporate and wellness retreats

Have a Spiritual Awakening

Yoga, meditation, breathwork and mindfulness classes & workshops available as well as tactics being infused in all coaching and consulting sessions.

Hire Elizabeth To Speak at Your Small Business, Corporate Office or Retreat

Invest in Elizabeth’s books and get coached to write your own book


The Kind Communicator
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