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A Thought Leader on the Power of Kind Communication

Elizabeth Barry is an executive coach, business consultant, and spiritual advisor specializing in kind communication and conscious leadership. Through her movement, The Kind Communicator, she has helped hundreds of adults master practical speaking and listening skillsets, empathy, and mindfulness. Overcoming insecurities, habits, and emotional drama is challenging, but Elizabeth’s energy, creativity, and down-to-earth approach are respected and admired as they help you feel comfortable through change.

If you’re going through troubled career times, divorce, separation, family drama, career pitfalls, uncertainty, or desire leadership advice, Elizabeth’s conscious communication coaching can spiritually advance your patterning and unlock your potential.

Invest in her first-class coaching, breathwork, meditation, and books, or hire Elizabeth Barry to speak at your next event to see world-class results in yourself or your audience that lead to new mindful beginnings.

Self-Development | Leadership | World-Class Communication

1:1 Coaching and Empowerment

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Breathwork & Meditation


Conscious Communication, Leadership & Self-Development

Elizabeth Barry is a renowned communication activist with an empowering approach to speaking, listening, and living a fulfilled life. She provides inspirational tools through proprietary coaching and training systems that help people achieve optimal health and wellness so that peace, aliveness, and balance are daily rituals. We are all capable of starting over! Elizabeth’s BeyondEgo movement has sparked several life transformations in people who have invested in soft skills to calm down. Elizabeth’s luminous career combines over 25 years of communication mastery, multiple awards, mindfulness certificates, and lots of love. Go beyond your ego and find your truth and authenticity through kinder words and softer behaviors. If you’re looking for ways to re-energize, heal, and flourish, work 1:1 with Elizabeth to reflect upon positive life directions to walk towards new priorities that make your heart sing.


Consciously Live a Healthier Life

Receive 1:1 advice, tips, and self-mastery to turn your most trying moments into breakthroughs.

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“When you go beyond the ego, beyond who you think you "ought" to be and you step into your authenticity... that's when you really start to LIVE!"

“Let go, let in and let’s begin…”.

The Kind Communicator Philosophy

Learn to Speak with Conscious Communication

It is possible to stay calm in the chaos. It is possible to find awareness at the moment. Improve your communication skills to live in a more mindful place.

New beginnings | Transitions | Goal-setting endeavors

As you enter a room, your energy precedes you, and your legacy builds behind you. Learn more about the mind, heart, and spirit through Elizabeth’s communication philosophies, and put yourself in a higher state of consciousness during difficult times so that you find solutions. Learn the value of The Kind Communicator Philosophy.


Elizabeth’s books arrive with a small gift and have the potential to change your life.

Self-Development Books Available To Purchase

“Kind Communication, practiced daily, can enrich your years on this earth.” -Elizabeth Barry

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The Kind Communicator
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