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Put Down the Weight of What You’re Carrying. Return to What Matters.

While authoring my new book, Design Your Mind to be Kind, at the age of 41, I am proud to continue working on several communication patterns in my life and career, not to mention, on top of that now- healing... Read More

How Business Execs Can Incorporate Kindness in 2020

My work is based on kindness and many corporate executives may find it too soft, and others, find this work fascinating to run their offices with less drama and less of a toxic atmosphere. “It takes courage to grow up... Read More

4 Ideas To SuperCharge Your Kindness

I call myself the Kind Communicator and a Chief Kindess Officer. I’m an author and performance coach with a specialization in leadership and communication. We can all learn a thing or two about how to communicate with more compassion and... Read More

How to Overcome Obstacles Like a Pro

I really don’t think we are pros if we overcome obstacles, I just liked that title to get you reading. Sorry, not sorry… but anyways, let’s keep going now that I have your attention. Facing failure objectively can be one... Read More

An Open Letter to Your Higher Self During Quarantine

I published a new book on March 21st 2020. It’s called Design Your Mind to be Kind. I wrote a letter that readers would pen once they get to the end of the book realizing what I call, “seeing their... Read More