My work is based on kindness and many corporate executives may find it too soft, and others, find this work fascinating to run their offices with less drama and less of a toxic atmosphere. “It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” The elephant is a symbol of wisdom and leadership and yet she is so kind- so beautiful and majestic. This is kind communication. Let me go into detail here.

My latest book, Design Your Mind to be Kind, is based on the habits of effective communicators and the way that we as people can show up as our highest selves in this world. The book is now available individually and in bulk at and can be broken down and taught as an annual coaching program for employees as well as workshops- all that can be done virtually and with private coaching for specific employees or managers that wish for additional personal and professional development work.

So how can business executives take on kindness to show profit? How can this kindness innovation create a productive leadership model at your office?

Right now I offer a virtual training program for groups of employees in the corporate space who may be working from home or for companies who want to provide personal and professional development options to their teams during this quarantine.

Some of the ways I can guide your teams are to discuss the idea of actions vs. words to get to the heart of time management as well as clear effective communication including verbal, written and non-verbal. Words often become a familiarity and we don’t think they can be detrimental, but they can be. Other times, some of us are all talk and little or no action. There may be a lot of procrastination or overpromising and underdelivering- and for any employees who are frustrated with their own tendencies of prioritizing goals or frustrated with other coworkers who have these issues, we can work out the best management tools and tips to help the flow of work to continue seamlessly, especially when working virtually.

Instead of chasing the competitiveness or ego in the office, we can look towards unity and personal goals so that employees stop ruminating on the things that frustrate them about others and learn to hone their desires on their end results.

This work helps teams envision who they are vs. who they are meant to be upleveling empowerment, inspiration, creativity and motivation inside the office atmosphere, thus producing a better work ethic, especially while quarantined, as well as a better end product and deliverables and deadlines met.

Prior or past misunderstandings and dysfunctions can be overcome as teams do what I call, TRIBE UP and contribute as a team effort, less tempted to be reactive and more accepting of individual flaws and the mistakes of others. In this time, more than ever, we can learn to be grounded and connected rather than separate and distant.

Genuine authenticity will come a live and fake personalities, fake smiles, fake hellos and more toxic patterns will be diffused- thus an upleveling the output of the office happiness will rise. This is a kind communication paradigm shift and I’m proud to offer it to business executives and companies looking to come together right now.

I will be setting up calls with companies and management teams in the next week to set goals for a program beginning in April. Kindly message me via linkedIN or you can email me directly at with questions.

I hope that we can work together this spring and I look to build greater soft skills at your business for a successful recuperation of 2020.