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Overcoming Rejection

  We’ve all had to deal with rejection in our lives and overcoming it may not be the easiest thing to do. The thing with rejection is that it often pierces us to the depth of our ego – it... Read More

Coaching Greatness

  It’s 2021 and everyone is hoping for great things to come for the rest of the year! Elizabeth Barry is taking things up a notch this year by coaching more people to unlock their greatness. If you haven’t listened... Read More

The Power Of Love

The power of love is truly immeasurable. It can touch our emotions, change our mindset, and even allow us to experience spiritual moments. Elizabeth Barry talks about the love of her life almost a year after he passed, explaining how their... Read More

The Courage, Confidence, And Curiosity To Win

    Elizabeth Barry taps into the potential of her listeners as she shares three powerful stories of conviction and overcoming fear to speak to three people that she wanted to engage with in her life: Matt Dillon, Adrian Grenier,... Read More

Women Empowerment And The Decline Of Adult Bullying At Work

  Back when she was 23 years old, Elizabeth Barry was bullied at work by her female boss, who empowered her then became jealous of her success. She became a wolf behind closed doors. Today, as a coach, a women’s... Read More