I call myself the Kind Communicator and a Chief Kindess Officer. I’m an author and performance coach with a specialization in leadership and communication. We can all learn a thing or two about how to communicate with more compassion and empathy which really translates to learning about how someone else feels, which ultimately should tame your “reactor”. With the right tools you can become what I call, a solutions-based thinker and speaker. There’s a whole chapter about this in my new book, Design Your Mind to be Kind, but today I’ll provide you with 4 teasers and practical solutions on how to supercharge your kindness in today’s chaos world.

#1. Make calm your superpower. Like many adults who have patterns and habits, it’s very natural for us to disengage or raise our voice or perhaps point, blame, assume or project feelings when things don’t feel good. But adults, it’s time to focus on your personal values and belief systems. When you make calm your superpower, you bring back your childlike innocence by playing a game. Your new game is Avengers and your cape is filled with the capital letter C for Calm, with your superpower as breath. When you use this tip wisely, your kindness meter is at an all time high. Stop reacting and start practicing calm as your superpower.

#2. Stop playing the victim. While we all feel restless and bewildered in today’s modern WTF happened with 2020 world, we must remember that we are not victims and that we are personally accountable and responsible for our actions and words as well as how we show up in the world. Remember, your influence is influential. If you want to be a leader in life, show up like one and be a role model. Become empowered by your own authority to lead with grace instead of feel like the world is against you, because the only thing that is against you in any victim situation is you. Personal development work and coaching can help. This habit is rampant and you’re not alone. Don’t feel bad, get inspired to ask for help.

#3. Use your words wisely. In my new book, Design Your Mind to be Kind, I focus on 3 Habits of Effective Communicators. The 3rd habit is Speak Your Truth. It was originally called Use Your Words Wisely. What I mean by this is that what you say matters and once words are out there, you’re accountable for them. So in other words, (pun intended), in times like this, it’s best to focus before you speak and watch your words by trying to practice to remain more silent than vocal. Additionally watch your words as your inner mind chatter begins to speak as the subconscious is always listening. Be cautious of negativity and practice turning it around in real time.

#4. Find your authenticity. Most of the time when we’re not calm, we’re trying to be something for someone else. We’re often trying too hard or we’re oftentoo busy being a _________. When you dive deep into your authenticity, which is the nature of you, who you really are and who you’re meant to be in this world, your mean sides diffuse and you care less and less about what you need to be for someone else and show up as who you need to be for you, which can ultimately create a kinder, calmer temper and personality.

I’ll be so proud if you purchase one of my new books to support my Kindness Innovation as they are available at www.thekindcommunicator.com. I am pleased and grateful to share my truth with the world and to bring yet another beautiful book to life with the help of my team, Kendra Stoll.