While authoring my new book, Design Your Mind to be Kind, at the age of 41, I am proud to continue working on several communication patterns in my life and career, not to mention, on top of that now- healing from a broken heart and mending my body from a boating hit and run accident on January 3rd where I lost my love, but not my life.

I am a miracle to be alive and I plan to give everything I have to this new book, to my body of work, “The Kindness Innovation”, and to my upcoming talks (when we can get together again in person). For now, I am coaching virtually with women and men who feel frustrated in careers, relationships or situations and need help setting boundaries and seeing growth in their lives. It is within me right now to deliver my passion and my work to those who also yearn to heal and love life like I do.

I am not perfect. Nor do I wish to be. I’m certain you’re not perfect either. We’re all a work of art. Painting our way towards life with watercolors and brushes. We are like a canvas. Some unfinished and others who become quick masterpieces. Childlike curiosity is within all of us-but somehow, someway, we forget that we can engage in life like children and we must remember to step out of from the fear of adulthood stress and soar into the freedom of our spirit. I can help you do this.

Youthful habits can keep us healthy. Think about finger paintings. Yes! Remember you would glop up your paint brushes with bold, wet colors that sept deep into the construction paper so much so that the back wouldn’t never seem to dry. Remember that? Remember how proud you were of your finger paintings?

As you grow within The Kindness Innovation and participate in new communication habits, you can transform back into your childlike spirit as a finger painter. Your fingers gently become brushes and as you mature and grow into who you’re meant to be, your artwork of life evolves from glopped finger paint into memorable paintings- more like memories, experiences and moments of life.

You are an artist of what you do and say. The difference between a finger painting and an Italian fresco is patience, time, experience and growth- maybe a deeper appreciation and a focussed mindset. Great artists were once children and many of the greats never lost their touch of creativity due to keeping their childlike nature alive and well.

As you refine your flaws and fears and turn them into learned lessons, you essentially become imperfectly perfect artists, loving yourself for who you are- paint brush in hand- some red splatters on your face and maybe a dried up cup of water next to you. If you use what I call, authentic presence, which is your “nowness” and your real time moments to love and live- with the help of breath and a smile, you can newly awaken into the moment of feeling alive. Use this powerful artwork analogy as a personal development tool to uplift your soul as you design your mind to be kind.

Maturity is the ability to see your idiosyncrasies through a more vulnerable lens with a calmer demeanor where moments of kindness become new habits and the discipline to create new ideas becomes easier. Your once forgotten finger paintings are brought to life again and you smile.

Stress, chaos, fear and insecurities become so clear as you notice your unwanted habits- many of which are created by ego. These are the moments that you become fully alive, revealing your best and lowest self, understanding the difference and perhaps, hopefully wanting to be better. The more you see what you don’t like in yourself, the more your mind gets trained to catch difficulties in real time. You diffuse challenge in the moment and become a happier, healthier adult. You can become a badass finger painter!

Learn to change habits by catching yourself, flying above and speaking your truth as your actions, attitudes and behaviors become reconstructed thoughts and ways of speaking. My new book is now available to be purchased on my website. Be sure to get one for you and a friend.

Today you can be an artist of effective communication, paint brush in hand, ready to fill your canvas with the loving wisdom of designing your mind to be kind.

And as you slow down to love yourself more through the teachings of my body of work and my books and coaching, you learn to recognize that each imperfection is unique. Your authenticity makes you different than anyone else on this planet.

Being imperfectly flawed has a nice ring to it. When you remember to give yourself permission to mess up and realize that the journey is about getting up and trying again- like when a finger painting went awry… you can just get another canvas and try again.

You have the chance every day to go up, down, left, right, north or south, so why sit at the stop sign of your mountain of life contemplating? Take the risks. Open your wings and fly. The nest was only built for the egg to hatch, so hatch away, dear friends.

When you release negative feelings, you’ll notice that toxic people and situations fly away as you soar steadily into your future with more peace and less worry, wings spread, smiling and breathing. The more you have the courage to handle situations with more grace, the happier you become. This process continues like an infinity loop as you encounter and discover more and more impurities within your life that are excuses. Stop is with the damn excuses please. This is not an adult thing to do. Excuses are a reason to stay the same. We must commit to creating inner-change and catch your excuse making in real time to diffuse the habit.

When you slow down, you discover greater patience and react less. When you learn to acknowledge and love your mistakes as they are, you can make apologies happen in real time without embarrassment and live unashamed as a new way of being.

Paint away at your courage and like Michelangelo revealed The David from stone- look at what is revealed in yourself and use it to your advantage to grow and love, be and fly, fall and rise.