I really don’t think we are pros if we overcome obstacles, I just liked that title to get you reading. Sorry, not sorry… but anyways, let’s keep going now that I have your attention.

Facing failure objectively can be one of the most gratifying experiences of your life. The more challenges you overcome, the more capable you become, the more you can handle it all with grace. It’s all a part of the leadership curve. Challenges can ruin or improve your life. Who you are at your core is strength and courage, don’t let that fear come in and block that from you- ever, especially in the thick of the muck.

You can begin to eliminate obstacles by understanding them. Know why they are there. Are you an allower? Do you lack boundary setting? Are you lacking communication skills that properly show your better self? This part of understanding and knowledge, wisdom and courage in looking within-can help you not return the mistakes again. Because you most likely will. Educating yourself on why you make the same mistakes and why obstacles are in your life are the key to delivering success in the mindset.

When you push towards success, your vision of success gets clearer and like a set of expensive binoculars, you see life through a new lens called “personal evolution”.

Know your goals. Stick to them. Think of them as a personal value system. What’s best for you? Stick with it. Don’t go beyond the boundaries you set for yourself because that’s when you’ll get farther behind those goals.

When you encounter obstacles, the really painful sh%t- the muck, the cries, the on-the-floor, wine drinking evenings, these are the times when you are to embrace it all and handle yourself with care, concern and kindness. Vulnerability is a strength, remember that.

And don’t jump into challenges to quickly to blame, point or judge, but instead- think, relax, focus and get clear on what’s happening before you jump to conclusions or assume anything.

Pain is a cue dear leaders, and learning about your obstacles offers a painful, reflective vulnerable time to look out at your life path as you pause, breathe, smile and kindly, directly and thoughtfully handle what’s happening so that the pain can fade.

Determination will get you through to success and the harsh realities in front of you, facing you in the mirror, behind your teary eyes offer you a chance to rub out the tears gently with a tissue to have a new lens on life. Remember that’s personal evolution, dear leaders. New perspectives come out of obstacles and challenges if you wipe away the fog.

Enjoy the falls! The utter shock and embarrassment of them are the ego telling you to be a victim. Don’t fall for it. Reflect on your path, embrace the truth (which is reality) and let the higher level and higher vibrational self come out of any muck with a clear conscious state of owning challenges and making decisions to power through them all, even if you have to fall to get back up.

And that’s the power of vulnerability at work. And perhaps, this title is correct if we look at it with vulnerability, because that process can surely let you overcome obstacles like a pro.