Elizabeth Barry has been a women’s empowerment advocate for almost two decades. She’s inspired so many women and men throughout the years and now that she’s a published author with 4 new books for 2020 and 2021, she looks back at the first ebook she wrote.

Elizabeth was a trailblazer and launched the very first women in business council in Hoboken in 2011. Within this vision, she hosted bi-monthly meetings with 50+ women that networked, found business within each other’s entrepreneurial ventures, became friends and enjoyed their time together. Elizabeth was at the helm of something fantastic and she knew it. She ran the council for 4 years and just before she put out her first book, Own Your Vulnerability in 2016, she was moving to LA, but soon ended up on the Upper West Side of NY instead. When she moved, she stepped down from the council and in doing so, she produced a beautiful ebook so that the women of the council could remember the time they had together.

Not only did Elizabeth put this ebook out for the women to feel empowered, she built them a website, gave them networking business cards, created their own FB group and empowered every single woman.

The council is no longer in existence but Elizabeth looks back at a beautiful time that she devoted to bringing women to their next level and giving birth to Hoboken’s very first women’s group.

If you’d like to see the ebook, it’s called, Wisdom of the Years and it’s found here.