BE 27 | Coaching Greatness   It’s 2021 and everyone is hoping for great things to come for the rest of the year! Elizabeth Barry is taking things up a notch this year by coaching more people to unlock their greatness. If you haven’t listened to this podcast before, it has been a chance for its subscribers to talk to their authenticity, their awkwardness, their weirdness, their inner child. It leads them on a journey towards their inner selves to discover the power hidden within. Elizabeth brings in some of the best executive coaching inspired by some of the greatest mentors ever to make that possible. If you’re ready to take 2021 by storm and achieve great things both personally and professionally, you need to listen to this!

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Coaching Greatness

YOU Matter

This is our first episode of 2021. OnBeyonders, thank you for being here. Thank you for subscribing and reading our blog. Going BeyondEgo is a chance to talk to your authenticity, awkwardness, weirdness, inner child, spirits and to connect inward leads so that you’re not on the surface. As we go into 2021 and we look into our future, I wanted to talk with you a little bit about what executive coaching can look like for you this year. In fact, I’m going to challenge every single one of you who have not been coached by me yet to read this and decipher it for yourself. If you like to have a virtual coffee with me, we might even have a virtual wine, scotch, or cocktail. I can make a beautiful dirty Martini and whatever drink that we have to share in Zoom, share a moment on the phone, toasting to your success. I want you to know a little bit more of a deeper dive into what it is that I do for a living in addition to this show and writing books on personal and professional development. I have a marketing agency for several years. It’s going to be my sixteenth-year in 2021 as we get into September. That’s sixteen years as an entrepreneur. I’m looking at that as having an MBA in itself. As an entrepreneur and as a startup know, we grow so much in our practice of embodying who we are along the way as we choose not to go the routes of the pack. I chose not to go the route of corporate, yet, I work with a lot of corporate people now. It’s interesting that I get to tackle some areas of artists. I work with a lot of entrepreneurs and startups, and then I do work with a lot of corporate companies and training their employees to speak like leaders to go through my TEDx training program. Everything that I do as far as coaching is concerned because that’s where we’re going to start is based on communication. It’s based on our words because words have meaning. BE 27 | Coaching Greatness   My OnBeyonders, we place so much emphasis and meaning onto words. Sometimes, that can be seriously detrimental to our relationships, to our business plans, to the loves of our lives, to the emails that we’re unconsciously typing away at maybe in 20.0 font in red bold letters that we forget, “Maybe I should take a breath.” Thinking back as we talk about coaching, for those of you who are saying, “Elizabeth, I’m fine. I don’t need coaching.” I remember those golden words, those two words, “I’m fine.” When I was first introduced to coaching, I was going to Italy with a few colleagues. One of my friends said, “Elizabeth, I’m going with this man. He’s starting a coaching business. I would like for you to take a complimentary call with him to see if it’d be right for you.” I said, “I’m fine. I have a marketing agency. I curated several TEDx events. I’ve written a book on vulnerability. I’m good.” I ended up taking that complimentary call and within fifteen minutes, I was hooked. I had not realized how broken I was. I had not realized how many stories I was telling myself. Although as successful as I was and making it in the world of entrepreneurial startup greatness, I still had so much to learn on the inside. That’s what coaching is all about. That coach was Gary Bishop. I was coached by him before he wrote Unf*ck Yourself. He’s the host of Unfuck Nation. I’ve also been coached over the years by Tony Robbins and Wayne Dyer. I’ve also been in several of Robin Sharma’s programs. What's really on the inside is waiting. It's this power, this brilliance of who you are. Share on X I have built myself a mastery level of leadership, talents, presentations, tools and practices all based within kind communication and the BeyondEgo methodologies of where we are as people. After that day of getting coached by Gary Bishop, I said to myself, “I’ve got to get on a program.” I spent a year with him learning more about what was on the inside of me. Who I was on the inside? It helped me become a better person on the outside. I became quiet, conscious and aware. I started to apologize more than speaking verbosely. I learned to tap into my intuition and my spirituality. I’ve always been transcendent. I’ve been a very spiritual person my entire life, but as I’ve grown in my own coaching practice over the past several years, I’m taking people who are the most stubborn CEOs. I’m working with some of the closed-off women who were at the executive level of some of the top brands in this world. They come to me and they say, “Elizabeth, I want to open like a flower.” You had never expressed that. I remember years ago, I used to host these women’s empowerment events in Hoboken. I created many opportunities for these women over the course of several years. They were crying. They were making money off of using each other’s businesses. They were creating friendships. There was one day where I had this woman who was a lawyer. She came to one of my events and started to cry. She said, “Elizabeth, I haven’t cried in front of people, I don’t even know in how long.” That’s one of the most amazing qualities that I tend to have as a coach.

Who Needs Coaching?

I work with a lot of leaders who are strong on the outside and soft on the inside, and want and yearn to be a little bit softer on the outside as well. I work with a lot of people who are soft on the outside and want to be a little bit stronger on the outside. They don’t want to be allowers. They don’t want to let people walk all over them. They want to speak their truth. For those of you who are stepping into 2021 and want to have more significance in your life, grow spiritually, or nurture and develop your relationships further than the surface of what many of them maybe. Many of you might be looking for love and want to hone in on the way that you communicate and the way that you present your authentic self to the world. It is going to get you into that love state rather than the egoic state that says, “I don’t need anyone.” That gives off this exterior motive. That’s not true most of the time. It takes a little bit of coaching to unravel those layers. It takes a little bit of guidance and advisory. For those of you who are looking to increase your finances, change careers, change jobs, find your purpose, joy or develop your passion and you haven’t done so in a long time, these are the ways that we do it. I’m an executive coach that talks about communication and going beyond the ego, and tapping into your spirituality and your communication because you have so much power in you as a human being. Most of the time, we’re only using a small percentage of that power because we’re scared to go inward. We’re scared to get inside of what’s happening. We’re on the surface level most of the time. That’s where the ego tells us. It’s not wrong to look at the ego. It’s not wrong to point at the ego and say, “Maybe I need to become soft or a little bit more of who I meant to be on this Earth because time waits for no one, dear OnBeyonders. If your energy is low, your mind will follow. Your mind will weaken and it’ll take your heart with it. BE 27 | Coaching Greatness   In the most challenging and difficult times, there are many solutions available and that’s why coaching works. That’s why the fearful parts of you feel so less than and they make you stay idle, weak, stagnant, and stay in the same spot that you’re repeating all of these fluff words and phrases saying, “It is what it is and I’m fine. I’ll be happier when, I’ll be happier if.” That’s happiness destination addiction. I’m here to tell you that if you are suffering on purpose, all you need to do is commit to having a coffee, wine, a hot chocolate or maybe even a dirty Martini Skype with me so we can talk about what it is that’s bothering you most. I’m telling you that my BeyondEgo performance in the way that I coach in my four-month coaching program, it’s going to take you to that place where you may not have been before. I guarantee you that in your second half of life, you’re going to walk away from the experience that we share together and take another four months. It transforms you. It changes you to awaken the person that lives inside of you that you’re only using maybe a small percentage because it’s comfortable being in your comfort zone. As I said before I got coached, I said the words, “I’m fine. I’m good. I’m a leader. I wrote a book. I run an agency.” That has nothing to do with what’s on the inside. What’s on the inside is waiting. It’s this power and brilliance of who you are. It doesn’t matter how rich you are. You will still be stuck if you have money. You will remain in the same spot if you don’t invest in what’s inside of you. The power of the heart and the mind where it comes together in writing a book, my next book is called Lead By Example. It talks to you about the fact that the circumstances of your life do not define you, your behavior does. BE 27 | Coaching Greatness   This is an option and a choice that we all have this product of living called volition. OnBeyonders, volition is having the choice to take 100% responsibility for your experiences. If you want to learn more about your triggers and patterns to get rid of them, knowing that it is your stuff, bring different words to the situations of your life. Bring different words and behaviors to your conversations. Maybe even your arguments to get different results. How do you do that? You get coached. You get the tools because it’s not just the tools. You can read any one of my books and then still get the coaching on top of it. It’s like the cherry on the cake of getting to the source of the pain. Having the tools is one thing, but knowing what to do with the tools and consistently honing in on who you are as a person on the inside and out, not being too strong, not putting a happy face on, not wanting to feel, but on the opposite, taking the pressure off of you to say, “I’m going to get to the source my heart. I’m going to get to the source of my breath.”

The Epic Comeback

That’s what my coaching program is. It’s this trigger. It’s this flame that lights the fire for you to start loving yourself, to find capabilities, and who it is that you are. To build relationships, to write a book, to create something new, to build sales if you’re in a business on your own or if you run a small business, you have to start marketing yourself differently. You have to create something new. There’s always a comeback story. 2020 was a hell of a year for all of us, but what are you going to do with what you learned? It’s applying what you learned. What did you learn? Did you write it down? Did you create mantras and affirmations to take 2021 in new steps and new strides for yourself? If you didn’t, have a coach, advisor, mentor, and confidant so that you can vent privately instead of taking it out on your wife, your husband, or your best friend. The energy that you have precedes you and what's left behind it is your legacy. Share on X This is the chance to get personal, professional, accountability, responsibility and wisdom. That will not only live inside of you for the time that we work together, but it will live inside of you for the rest of your life. When you’re 40, 50, 60, 70 years old, you’re going to think back to all of the tips and the tools and say, “Thank you for this,” because your energy precedes you as you walk into a room and what’s left behind that is your legacy. We are consistently in this mode of building our character. Our character is our ethos or ethics in the way that we show up in this world, the way that we speak, the way that we handle ourselves, not only in the good times, but in the troubling times. That’s where our true character gets developed and showcased to everyone in the world, including who you are. I want you to go to bed every night, feeling strong and safe and happy, smiling. I’m smiling right now, as I can see you in the mirror, loving yourself that much more for the leader you wish to be. This message is for all the OnBenyonders out there, but it’s mostly for the super achievers out there because they are the ones who are rushing, going, gaining in momentum, rushing and building. What happens when you start to build so much without building what’s on the inside is that the foundation will break my darlings. The foundation will break without the pillars. What are the pillars? Think about a house. The foundation is the floor. If you can hold both of your arms up like a triangle, meaning the fingertips at the top elbows facing towards the Earth that is the roof of the house that will continuously fall down. The roof will cave in from the fingers towards the floor if you don’t have those pillars on the inside. What are those pillars? It’s courage, bravery, compassion, resilience, grit, perseverance, honesty, truth, willpower, all of the things that we are constantly suffocating with because we have a hard time having a hard conversation. We have a hard time with the truth, and that is the truth, but many of us are hiding behind the ego saying, “We’re fine.” It’s okay if you are fine and if you got it all together. More power to you if that’s what you think, but when your ego is ready to soften, when your authentic, weird, normal self is willing to be vulnerable, to be open, and to open your heart so that your heart and your mind connect. I wrote in my next book, Lead By Example, I talk about the Kind Communicator philosophy is a process by which the thoughts in the mind traveled to the heart which becomes emotions. Where do those emotions go? They go out the throat chakra and they become words and behaviors into the world. Maybe arms are flailing, maybe your arms are folded, your eyes are rolling, and start to yell or raise your voice. Lose your shit. The Kind Communicator philosophy leaves in this next principle before those words and behaviors leave the throat chakra and the body. It’s the softening of the spirit. The thoughts that travel from the mind to the heart become emotions. Before they leave, they get softened by your spirits. BE 27 | Coaching Greatness   I am teaching you about the power of spiritual intelligence in my next book. In the body of work that I provide which is practically the next frontier of personal and professional development. You’ve heard of emotional intelligence. I talk about it all the time in my coaching practice. The next level up from EQ is SQ. It’s spiritual intelligence. If you’re in business, you are living your life, you’re not tapping into that spirituality, which is your source on the inside, you’re not practicing and finding awareness of the energy that you are inside of you. As I said before, the energy that you have perceived you as you walk into a room, maybe you’re not walking into a room these days, maybe you’re walking into a Zoom room, but that energy is the same. Are you sitting up straight? Are you happy? Are you smiling? Are you folding your arms? Are you presenting yourself in the best light? If you don’t even want to be there, sometimes it’s good to show up as a leader. That energy that you have precedes you and what’s left behind it is your legacy. My reason for being saved, for being on this Earth, for continuing the kindness, innovation, and the BeyondEgo mentality and writing The Kind Communicator philosophy is to stick with you through 2021 and to offer more books, new coaching opportunities, new ways to work together. I even have a VIP program where you can tap into me every single month with a group empowerment session, beyond the scenes. I have meditations and talks that are not available to the public that they’re all behind a portal for members. There are going to be exclusive discounts, exclusive offers and opportunities, discounts on practices and courses that I’m going to be providing. This is the time to tap into that spirituality into your authentic self, learning that beyond the ego is your beautiful, authentic self. BE 27 | Coaching Greatness   My wish for you as you step into 2021 with pride, courage and bravery, maybe like that day, way back when I said yes to talking to Gary Bishop and I was blown away in fifteen minutes and I said, “I need to be coached.” Maybe you’ll take this show and you’ll say, “Let’s have that Zoom call, Elizabeth. Let’s take that hot chocolate together. Let’s take that coffee meeting.” From there, we rise. If not, I hope that you’re doing the work behind the scenes and you’re constantly giving to your soul and your heart, because what’s on the outside is a deep reflection of what’s on the inside of you. The more that you can do the work, the more that you can match your conscious with the unconscious, the more that you can tap into that heart and the mind softening words in your behaviors with your spirits before they enter the world. That is how you show up as a beautiful leader and you lead by example. My next book is coming out in 2021. My reminder to everyone to keep growing, learning and be a life learner. Visit and sign up for the VIP Membership. That’s a stepping stone to a coaching program. If you want to take that coffee with me, and if you’re ready right now to say, “Yes,” call me up and let’s do this big because you deserve to have the greatest year. I wish you that strength to do that, to have that hard conversation with yourself and to invest in yourself because when you invest in yourself, you recognize that giving, the heart has two sides, one for giving and one for receiving. We give, but when you give to yourself, you realize that what you give can’t be taken away from you. What you give to yourself in terms of personal and professional development can never be taken away. In fact, it grows inside of you and it grows within everything that you touch in this world. That’s how the magic and the power of coaching works. I’ll see you on the flip side, Happy New Year.

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