Keynotes, Talks & Book Workshops

Elizabeth Barry captivates audiences with compelling stories, analogies, and communication insights that leave a lasting, mesmerizing impression.

The Kind Communicator Message Resonates

Elizabeth Barry’s motivating message about compassionate communication and understanding ego is uplifting. Audiences adore her contagious enthusiasm as she guides them through mindfulness techniques and insightful lessons to challenge behaviors and influence greatness.

Consciousness Radiates

Elizabeth Barry captivates the crowd with her ERM moments (elephant-in-the-room moments), adding a dose of reality to release pent-up stress. She anecdotally weaves poetry, guided meditation, breathwork, and embodiment to connect with participants and bring out their best in an untraditional, enriching way.

Invite Elizabeth to speak at your event or host a book workshop at your business office, retreat, or conference. 

Inspirational Books for Participants

Each one of Elizabeth Barry’s books are meant to be brought to life. They are exceptionally transformative when read, but when activated in a workshop, the tools become memorable shifts to attaining a robust calmer perspective. 

Elizabeth’s content suits diverse audiences, including college students, office executives, sales and marketing professionals, yoga enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, small businesses, women in business, non-profits, etc.

Topics That Matter

Kind Communicator Book Workshops offer an intimate atmosphere with themes like Conscious Communication, Mindful Leadership, Spiritual Fitness, Vulnerability, Breathwork, and Guided Meditation. On-site and virtual workshops include signed books and nature gifts.

Book selections encompass the following titles:


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