The Leadership BluePrint 3 Book Package




Lead By Example, The Kind Communicator, and Design Your Mind to be Kind

Lead by Example

This excellent inspirational book is for everyone with a comeback story. Learn how to implement  The Kind Communicator Philosophy into your life, knowing that thoughts travel from the mind to the heart through the throat chakra, and your words enter the world from there. Learn how to speak up directly and kindly while not keeping any words hidden inside your soul. Live abundantly and use the tools in this book to work through your relationships with care and love.  The leadership methodologies written are for EVERY area of your life to up-level so that you develop a calm demeanor in how you approach life, people, loss, challenges, and circumstances. This book will change you and open your mind, heart, and spirit.

Design Your Mind to Be Kind​

Design Your Mind to be Kind is a powerful communication book that inspires readers to challenge habits, embrace change, create boundaries, and build intimate, lasting, and healthy relationships. Learn how to speak, think, and act in new ways with inspiration from nature as you discover your truth. Let the authenticity of each chapter poetically awaken your spirit to take flight beyond your limitations. The paradigm shift of being a kinder communicator is ready to set sail… will you join Elizabeth and her fans in this second volume of work based on The Kindness Innovation and the BeyondEgo Philosophy? She certainly hopes so. Breathe and smile as you design your mind to be kind.

The Kind Communicator​

Soft skills are the future of business. Make a significant shift within communication while letting go of ego mechanisms that no longer contribute to an uplifted life. Readers get inspired to communicate clearly and with sincerity, especially in chaos. They find less of a need to be right, but rather find inner peace and discover the “now” in the present moment. This book is right for you if you genuinely want to be a calmer, more connected human being. We can’t always change the situations we find ourselves in, but we can change how we react and respond to them. Upon finishing the book, readers will understand the true meaning of breath and learn to use kinder words, knowing that each time they do, their legacy is building.

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