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Conscious Communication and Self-Development books written and signed by Elizabeth Barry

Elizabeth Barry’s writing is poetic, lyrical and highly motivational. You’ll feel every word as if it’s written for you. Adults looking for communication tips to speak from the heart are encouraged to invest in these self-development page-turners to enhance their journey. Small and large companies order books in bulk and hire Elizabeth to host workshops and seminars that impact employee culture and leadership development. *Every purchase comes with special gifts and arrive with love. Surely a beautiful investment. Enjoy!

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The Self-Development Library

This is THE PACKAGE for a personal development journey! All adults interested in honing in on their communication habits, dreams, goals and visions for purpose, possibility and loving relationships must own this incredible gift set. Every book feels like it’s written for you. Get ready to be blown away by new habits gained and begin to love yourself a little more. 

The Leadership Blueprint

Fans are encouraged to invest in three volumes of work on The Kindness Innovation for mastery in communication and leadership. You’ll be transported by way of nature to look at mindfulness and healthy communication as an important part of your daily routines, in and out of the office and most especially, in all relationships and conversations, including the silent ones you have with yourself.

The Communication Master

This duo book set invites you to read the books that started The Kindness Innovation. The Kind communicator and Design Your Mind to be Kind help you learn about veering away from the demands of the ego to step into your higher self through calm words and influential behaviors. Use these books to change the way you show up in life!

Lead by Example

Lead by Example is a one-of-a-kind empowerment guide for every adult looking for a calm demeanor. Highly creative, productive individuals who appreciate daily thoughtfulness will praise each chapter’s teachings. Recognize your potential for stillness, free your heart from imaginary chains and open a door to your healing process to improve your leadership style. Powered by nature analogies, spirit animals and breathwork, this book shares exemplary visions of how to take your personal growth to the next level with some of the most exciting and fun stories and methodologies to learn from and apply.

Design Your Mind to Be Kind

Design Your Mind to be Kind inspires readers to challenge habits, embrace change, create boundaries, and build intimate, lasting and healthy relationships. Learn from the 3 habits of Effective Communicators and the 6 Personalities to Embody Your Highest Self to speak, think and act in new ways with inspiration from nature as you discover your truth. Let the authenticity of each chapter poetically awaken your spirit to take flight beyond your limitations.

The Kind Communicator​

Soft skills are the future. Make a significant shift within communication, while letting go of ego as you contribute to an uplifted life. Readers get inspired to communicate clearly with sincerity, especially in chaos. They find less of a need to be right, but rather, find inner peace and discover the “now” in the present moment. We can’t always change the situations we find ourselves in, but we can change the way we react and respond to them. Upon finishing the book, readers will understand the true meaning of breath and learn to use kinder words, knowing that each time they do, their legacy is reflected.

Heaven on Eleven

Heaven on Eleven helps you nurture your relationships in the now. With an intimate story of romance and the power of spirit, this book has 9 sections that transport your heart to be more romantic, to communicate healthily, to own vulnerability and to routinely heal yourself with love in order to overcome fears. This book will take your relationship and turn it into a fantastical love affair with its love notes to readers and lyrical, poetic words.

Little Book of Love

Little Book of Love is a bedside book inspiring readers about the potential within themselves to believe in the wonder of romantic love. This whimsical read offers mastery fueled by the optimism that when two people grow together, they enter a doorway of transformation in their relationship. Write your personal vows, learn about living a higher standards style of life and veer away from expectations as you simply and beautifully celebrate connection and build a strong foundation.

Own Your Vulnerability

A women’s empowerment book that provides an intimate view of life through self-love, career and spirituality. Readers learn what’s possible through falling down, dusting off and getting back up to take flight. They own weakness and strength equally and recognize they’re stronger than they think!

Silent Integrity

Silent Integrity will become your daily journal to embrace emotional intelligence and build a non-reactive lifestyle that is based in a calm, balanced free spirit. Written for everyone who is overly sensitive and emotionally reactive, the reader will feel supercharged to transform their habits after this motivational book meets them where they are at, and welcomes them with open arms to the possibility of oneness with life.

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