Own Your Vulnerability

Empower your feminine power with Elizabeth Barry’s ‘Own Your Vulnerability.’ This women’s empowerment gem features twenty women’s personal stories through four pillars of renwal: life, self-love, career, and spirituality. Embrace strength and weakness equally as you learn to take flight after every fall, using vulnerability as a strength instead of a weakness.

Become a Self-Loving Powerful Woman

This is a portable guide to owning vulnerability. Once you’ve been inspired by these stories, you’ll gift this book to your bestie, mother, coworker, or friends. Change a life. Change your life.

Self love is a mere moment away. It’s always at your heart center an now it’s at your fingertips.

Uncover your greatness by accepting what’s come before you. You deserve to stand in your strength. I’ve been empowering women for over 20 years and I notice the more work they do on themselves, the more it pays off in dividends.

I’ve united 20 of the most powerful women I know from across the globe to write this book, and I proudly ask you to step into your own heels and walk the path of confidence after you’ve discovered it’s ok to fall, make mistakes, cry it out, and recover as you gently develop your higher, most compassionate self.




The Kind Communicator has deeply influenced numerous lives, elevating clients’ self-worth by reigniting their connection with their inner spirit and fostering healthier relationships with others as they courageously journey towards new horizons. The future holds promise; embrace the present moment mindfully.