I fell in love with the experience of working with intellectuals, pioneering innovators, and visionary storytellers. Hosting events based on curiosity and worldly aspirations sparked a light in me.

In 2010, I secured a license for TEDx Hoboken and embarked on a journey that spanned several years and encompassed 17 sold-out events, salons, and mixers, drawing hundreds of crowds from across the tri-state area.

Infinite Horizons

Through my TEDx endeavors, I discovered my innate ability to foster cultural connections and community bonds among diverse individuals. I witnessed firsthand the transformative power of lifting audiences’ spirits with a sense of childlike wonder, and I developed a speaker training program to empower individuals to share their purpose meaningfully. This time also awoke a profound dedication to understanding the intricacies of business, from grassroots marketing to audience engagement, and the importance of inspiring a roomful of people to embrace freedom and creativity. 

It was MORE than events… It was a movement. TEDxHoboken was invaluable. We even had a TEDx handshake! And TEDxUpperWestSideWomen was just as successful! The lessons I learned in negotiation and resource management as I navigated deals worth hundreds of thousands of dollars while maintaining an unwavering commitment to quality taught me a lot about never taking no for an answer. It taught me about trust and understanding, and I loved every minute of it. 

I forged lifelong connections and shared powerful moments backstage with souls who had a story in their hearts, and I am grateful to the countless individuals who contributed to each unforgettable gathering, from the intimate speaker training sessions to the iconic moments shared on the red round rugs and the most extraordinary interns ever! The collective efforts each unique event have left an indelible mark on my life and continue to inspire me on my journey forward.

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