Become a World-Class Communicator

Elizabeth Barry is a versatile performance coach and marketing consultant specializing in leadership and communication. She’s coached hundreds of professionals on effective storytelling, influence and confidence in the way they speak and listen.

The most fascinating result of Elizabeth’s work is that she’s fun to work with. She continuously pours analogies and nature stories into each coaching and marketing session helping clients find accessible ways to see the wonder in the work they achieve.

The results of Elizabeth’s work summarizes how positive behaviors can be transformed into legacies.

Executive Leadership Coach

Marketing Consultant, Personal Branding

Develop unstoppable momentum. Elizabeth Barry has clocked thousands of hours working one on one with adults looking for empowerment, business breakthroughs and innovative ideas. Over the past 16 years, her entrepreneurial support has created steadfast results with a sea of clients that have become lifelong colleagues.

If you’re looking for executive coaching to solve problems and find solutions to ideas such as decision making, reactivity, controlling habits, insecurities, professional etiquette and compassionate leadership, choose Elizabeth’s 4-Month, 16 Session Executive Coaching Package.

If you’re an entrepreneur and require branding ideas to launch or relaunch a business, choose Elizabeth’s Power Session, hire her as your Virtual Marketing Consultant Marketing Consulting or ask her to build you a turn-key brand story and website.

Elizabeth’s positive attitude and attention to detail provides a relaxed and supportive environment for clients to receive her unconditional care and respect.


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Elizabeth asks clients to come prepared to feel their creativity rise. When there’s something big at stake, you willfully play it out with everything on the table. Results are excellent because of your dedication and commitment. What you put in, you get out.

Ways to Utilize Elizabeth’s Mastery

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Executive Coaching

Elizabeth’s Executive Coaching Program includes 4 months (16 weekly 45 sessions) with live consulting via phone or Zoom (clients choice) and written email follow ups. After the 4 months, clients can repeat the program, choose a maintenance program or receive their wings and fly!

FEEL SUPPORTED: Clients trust Elizabeth’s expertise for empowerment, leadership, self-development, self-esteem and communication prowess. Generate income, change careers, nurture and develop relationships and increase momentum to achieve your goals.

GROW: Elizabeth’s role helps to further your already wonderful skillsets as you focus on shifting habits, enhancing your skills and building deeper human connections. Filter out the drama and toxicity of what does not serve you to reduce stress and overwhelm with Elizabeth as your trusted advisor.

TRANSFORM: Clients experience profound weekly success and notice a monumental shift in positive well-being.

Coaching can be used for assistance with leadership, corporate and small business advice, sales consulting, mindset shifting, relationship development, book-writing and organization, public speaking mastery and personal and professional development.

Personal Branding & Marketing

Receive refreshing new marketing ideas as Elizabeth takes on the role as your marketing mentor to help you overcome frustration to find clarity, creativity and momentum. Clients seek Elizabeth for marketing help for creative brand copy, marketing strategy, campaign creation and web design.

The Power Session

If you’re struggling to define or redefine your messaging, hire Elizabeth for her marketing mastery and take part in this luminous experience that fills in the missing pieces of what you can’t see on your own. This is perfect for solopreneurs and small business owners to receive new ideas and branding insights to walk away with a marketing breakthrough.

Get Marketing Consulting

Build Your Website

Re-Launch Your Brand Story

Recoup your energy in a positive way, reset conflicting emotions and find personal responsibility, accountability and respect.

Results from working
with Elizabeth Barry

Navigate challenges with leadership, not victimhood
Careful observation of habits
Develop a spiritual practice
Clearer communication; stay on point

Clients have said that with Elizabeth, they’ve learned to:

Hold themselves accountable
Succeed without an emotional rollercoaster of feelings
Discover self-love & more self-care time
Respond instead of react

Each session gives you access to

Diffuse fear and insecurity
Communicate like a leader
Time management & boundary setting
Brevity when speaking

Clients are amazed as they achieve

A deeper understanding of people
How to handle emotions
Maturity, worthiness and confidence

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