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Our lives can shift and change without notice. Glorious opportunities show up because we take risks; other times, hardship sneaks in to help us realize we can become unafraid of what’s before us. No matter our circumstances, we can live an unbelievable life. 

I reserved this page to share six significant life events that impacted my library of books, talks, and coaching. I hope you find value in these learnings; knowing hundreds more anecdotes inspired me to become who I am today. We’ve all been through it, and there’s always opportunity on the other side. I hope to share some stories with you personally over coffee or wine.

When in doubt, choose change.


In 2008, I had the privilege of joining the inaugural TEDxGotham team, an experience that introduced me to intellectual giants, pioneering innovators, and visionary storytellers with profound impact. Inspired by this, I sought to recreate that enriching environment through my own curated perspective. Thus, in 2010, I secured a license for TEDx Hoboken, embarking on a journey that spanned several years and encompassed 17 sold-out events, salons, and mixers, drawing crowds from across the tri-state area. Alongside these events, I developed a speaker training program to empower individuals to share their purpose with eager audiences.

Through my TEDx endeavors, I discovered my innate ability to foster cultural connections and community bonds among diverse individuals. I witnessed firsthand the transformative power of lifting audiences’ spirits and fostering a sense of childlike wonder. This time awoke a profound dedication to understanding the intricacies of business, from grassroots marketing to audience engagement, and the importance of inspiring a roomful of people to embrace freedom and creativity.

My TEDx journey also provided invaluable negotiation and resource management lessons as I navigated deals worth hundreds of thousands of dollars while maintaining an unwavering commitment to quality. From forging lifelong connections to sharing moments backstage and reveling in post-event celebrations, every aspect of this experience holds a special place in my heart.

Gratitude fills me for the countless individuals who contributed to each unforgettable gathering, from the intimate speaker training sessions to the iconic moments shared on the red round rugs. Their collective efforts have left an indelible mark on my life and continue to inspire me on my journey forward.

Renaissance Pilates

After forging a lasting friendship with a client, who eventually became my closest confidante, I dedicated years to elevating her posh Pilates business in Hoboken, NJ, through strategic branding, event planning, and sales efforts.

In 2017, on a whim, I seized the opportunity to co-manage and co-own the studio, transforming the boutique Pilates establishment into something new while catering to consumers along the Hudson River. Embracing this role, I immersed myself in the day-to-day operations while enjoying the luxurious surroundings of my two-bedroom apartment, complete with panoramic views of the NYC skyline.

As I juggled financial responsibilities and coordinated schedules for a team of 17 contractors, The Kind Communicator brand was conceived. Despite encountering challenges—from managing conflicts to handling demanding clients—I navigated the turbulent waters of entrepreneurship with poise and resilience. Additionally, my experiences inspired me to author more books beyond the empowering volume “Own Your Vulnerability for Women.”

The Pilates studio’s ownership catalyzed the BeyondEgo brand’s expansion, which now empowers individuals to transcend reactive behaviors and embrace authenticity. Reflecting on our journey as we closed our doors, I marveled at the sense of community we cultivated among our new staff and resilient clientele.

Looking back, I gleaned invaluable lessons in life and business, discovering an inner strength I never knew I possessed. Today, I am a modern-day spiritual entrepreneur, capable of leading with composure. And amidst all the challenges, I still enjoy mastering the signature teaser Pilates move- all because Danielle taught me how to do it well!

World Travel


Traveling the world has undeniably left a profound mark on my career, enriching it in countless ways. From exploring various countries to immersing myself in the serene landscapes of the Italian countryside, including the breathtaking Amalfi coast, each journey has been a source of inspiration and growth. I’ve danced tango nights in Argentina, reveled in the soul-stirring melodies of Irish bands in Ireland, and been captivated by the stirring tunes of Scottish bagpipes. In Wales, I’ve indulged in countless outdoor adventures, soaking in the natural beauty that surrounds me.

One memorable experience was reading poetry at Jim Morrison’s grave before setting my sights on the iconic Mona Lisa. And as I celebrated my 40th birthday, I found myself in the enchanting French Riviera, surrounded by dear friends and the warm hospitality of restaurant owners. Their establishment exuded an ambiance unlike any other, with tables adorned with thousands of flowers and vegetables suspended from the ceiling, creating an unforgettable atmosphere of joy and celebration. These experiences have not only shaped my perspective but have also imbued my career with a sense of wonder and creativity that continues to inspire me every day.



Elizabeth Barry & Associates

In 2006, I took a bold step by launching the first strategic marketing firm dedicated to the dance industry. Just two years later, in 2008, I pioneered the first email magazine tailored specifically for dancers. While initially focused on selling magazine ads and catering to clients nationwide, I soon realized my potential to offer them more than just advertising services.

Unfortunately, my employer at the time responded with jealousy rather than support when I ventured into entrepreneurship. Their behavior, akin to vultures circling, left me disheartened. Despite being only 28 and admittedly inexperienced, I found myself navigating their negative energy and witnessing their petty and mediocre conduct.

Undeterred, within six months of starting my own business, I showcased six client booths at the very trade shows I once organized. The following year, I took innovation a step further by introducing the industry’s first email magazine for dance, complete with a glamorous red carpet event featuring celebrity dancers and media coverage. I grew immensely during this time and I lit a spark that set my journey on fire. Perhaps it kept it aflame because I worked with some of the greatest clients I could ever ask for over 17 years.

Expanding my business beyond the dance realm, I ventured into fitness, wellness, and entrepreneurship, offering branding services to small and mid-sized companies. Alongside this journey, I played an active role in the Hoboken Chamber of Commerce, spearheading the launch of their inaugural Women in Business Council, and found myself hosting events everywhere I turned. Witnessing the transformative impact of this initiative was immensely fulfilling. I always stayed present through it all.

I learned the importance of perseverance and seeing beyond superficial facades. My journey led me to adopt a more spiritual perspective, focusing on energy and compassionate leadership. Despite facing resistance from those threatened by my success, I refused to engage with their negativity, propelling my company to rapid growth and my body of work to up-level.

Today, I leverage my past experiences to assist others in overcoming challenges and navigating difficult personalities with composure. I am grateful for the valuable lessons taught by those who exemplified what not to be as a leader, shaping me into the compassionate and resilient individual I am today.

Yoga Certification and Teaching

Obtaining my yoga certification had long been a dream tucked away on my bucket list. With 12 years of dedicated practice and owning a Pilates studio under my belt, I recognized the immense value of holistic exercises for the mind, body, and spirit. However, it wasn’t until I stepped into the role of a teacher that I truly grasped the sheer joy and fulfillment it would bring me. Achieving my 500 RYT training was a particularly poignant moment, especially considering the challenges I faced after my accident in 2020.

Guiding my yoga classes, I found the teachings of Mother Nature, as explored in my books, seamlessly weaving into my practice. Revelations opened the door for me to teach and make a profound impact beyond the mat. In addition to my yoga certification, I pursued training in mindfulness, breathwork, yoga philosophy, chakra healing, and stress therapy. 

Yoga has taught me to maintain balance, listen to my body, and honor my limits. Transcending the mat, these principles have become the spark for gracefully navigating life’s challenges.

I am immensely grateful that these transformative lessons are now intricately woven into my coaching, books, talks, and workshops. As I bow with reverence and gratitude, I say, Namaste.

Teaching yoga serves as a profound reminder of my purpose on this earth. Despite the pain, suffering, and PTSD I endured following my accident, I have learned to hold myself accountable for my own healing journey. My mat has become a sacred space where I find solace and strength, anchoring me amidst life’s storms. With a spiritually grounded foundation, I stand firm, impervious to external disturbances, empowered to block out negativity and embrace peace.

Remaining Alive

January 3, 2020, just after celebrating New Years with the love of my life, tragedy struck. While snorkeling in the British Virgin Islands, a double-engine speed boat ran us over in the water at 60 MPH. I was hit in the skull, and I watched my partner fly to heaven while we were rushed to shore. This vivid, surreal memory is painted in my mind as growth, resilience, and inner strength. My survival has profoundly impacted my vision of spirituality and purpose.

The hull of the boat impacted the top of my head and spine, yet I am still here. Months of panic attacks, crying, pain, and PTSD ensued, but I experienced miracles. My partner visited me frequently during that first year, sharing spiritual knowledge that we are all souls borrowing our bodies on this earth. 

I was told I remained highly calm after the impact and severe chaos of the hit and run. My lessons include learning how to stand up to fake people, knowing that strangers can be the kindest influencers on a person’s return to normalcy, and deep silent healing is the way through anything.

This ethereal time motivated me to be a lighthouse for others who feel dark.

I know I remained here because I have a purpose. I didn’t stay alive to make things comfortable for people. That’s what going beyond the ego means- Choose to go beyond the comfort to live authentically in truth, and the risk is worth the reward.

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