Silent Integrity Flow State Launch Special




Silent Integrity offers the chance to metaphysically climb through the body’s seven chakras to veer away from the societal matrix and seek inner freedom. This book is perfect for getting unstuck and exceptionally clear on how to develop your character through challenges so that you can become who you are meant to be beyond the minutia of everyday stressors. Learn breathwork tactics, be inspired by Integrity Principles, try the seven mudras for supreme calm, and use the mantras to flip the problems and possibilities coin to possible! The Heart Chakra section features a guide to enter the flow state and has inspired the launch duo of The Limited Edition Mindfulness Coloring Book.

Color Flow, a Mindfulness Coloring book, adds value to Silent Integrity readers to bring the flow state alive so that focus, concentration, inner happiness, and creativity are alive and well. Infuse yourself in 44 pages of custom artwork to breathe in life with spirit animals, nature motifs, and mandalas. This is the perfect gift to release stress, find a focus beyond the noise of the outside world, and to bring out your inner child. Coloring is an exceptional way to enter the flow state. Get this duo today to feel the happiness inside of you come out.