It's so nice to meet you

There’s an essence of who I am – the person behind the books you read- and a larger narrative with a profound purpose waiting to unfold.

Learn a little about me before you hire me to speak at your event, buy my books, or take a 1:1 experience to enhance your breath and words. 

I cherish the memories I’ve created through the richness of my portfolio and what resonates with me now is the impact of my Kind Communicator brand message. 

I am fortunate to follow my passion. I’ve truly lived and enjoyed my creative career. It brings me great joy to share my story, knowing that the unique tools I’ve developed now foster meaningful growth through coaching, books, and talks. 

Each day, I wake up, brew a French press, love on my rescue cats, nurture my herbs and flowers, and eagerly dive into the work I adore.

There’s a beautiful story behind the last 25 years. I’d like to share it with you.


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