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This section is the culmination of my experiences, summarized by the history of all the fantastic moments that brought me to where I am today. 

Young Learnings

Embarking on my entrepreneurial journey early, I started with a fourth-grade paper route, folding newspapers twice my size for weekly deliveries. In high school, I gained valuable sales and communication skills working for renowned leather and furrier Oriel Cohen, mastering the art of building connections with eye contact, kindness, and pizazz. Today, I’m into faux, but Oriel gave me the tools to sell, market, and tell stories that magnetically draw people in.

I graduated from UMASS Amherst with a degree in Communication, and I understood what it meant to take early risks, including working at the Imperial Cancer Research Fund in Tolworth, living in West Kensington, London, in 1999. While other students took classes, I was the only student with a job; an experience that allowed me to travel extensively, visit art galleries, swim with seals in Wales, and even abseil down the 10th floor of a London Hospital for a fundraising event.

Post-college, I landed my first sales and marketing job at Cape Cod Life Magazine and taught dance at a local studio. I was quickly promoted several times, but I knew there was more for me. After three years of living the Cape life, I moved to Hoboken, NJ, to work in NYC at the prestigious Dance Magazine, Dance Spirit, and other publications, where I worked in marketing, sales, and trade shows. I began breaking sales records due to impactful client relationships that led to significant proposals and contracts. I was young and eager, and I had a heart and a plan. I soon realized I could help clients on my own.

After only two years in NYC, I left the publications and launched the first strategic marketing firm for dance and gendance, the pioneering email magazine for the next generation of dancers. My innovative products gained widespread acclaim, and I learned what it felt like to experience success and build an influential network as a leading businesswoman. For nearly 15 years, I rubbed shoulders with icons in the dance world and attended premieres, photo shoots, elegant gatherings, and after-parties with notable figures, celebrities, and worldly icons. I had annual tickets for the Rockettes, Broadway shows, ballets, and more, with the best seats in the house and several notable dance celebs on my Blackberry. During that time, social media wasn’t even invented.

I’ve enjoyed remarkable experiences, from dancing with Patrick Swayze and his wife at a private party at the Marquee Hotel to hosting an exclusive red-ribbon cutting event with Michael Jackson’s dancers and close colleagues after his passing. Surprising nights took me to fancy tango gatherings with the producers of Evita at 2 am in restaurants that turned into a dance floor; the list goes on. My strategic marketing career blossomed from dance to all areas of business, and my career highlights at that time included producing billboards for Madison Square Garden, collaborating with Broadway stars, starting an early podcast, hosting countless sold-out events across the country, and spending nights backstage at shows like In The Heights. I’m still in touch to date with many of the clients I once worked with, and I still work with some of them on creative projects after 25 years.

I had a knack for curating conferences and salon events and coaching notable speakers from across the globe, which taught me about people, personalities, ego, stage presence, active listening, camaraderie, negotiation, and emotional connection. I’ve curated over 17 TEDx events in NYC and Hoboken and have coached other TEDx curators and speakers to embark on their curious journeys. I was blessed to mentor Skye Dyer, the daughter of my mentor, Wayne Dyer, and hundreds of others along the way.

I take pride in being recognized as The Kind Communicator and Brandpreneur of the Year by Leading Women Entrepreneurs. I have also been named NJBiz Top 40 under 40 in Digital Marketing and Hoboken Woman in Business of the Year.

I’ve pioneered several Women in Business Councils, female-led conferences, and large-scale business events. In between it all, I co-owned and managed a posh Pilates studio on the Hudson River, overseeing 17 contractors and nearly 4,000 clients. It was at that time that The Kind Communicator brand was born. Speaking kindly yet directly was an art in a B2C business! I learned a lot the hard way but I invigorated myself when I practiced my own philosophies, and it changed the way I handled business, relationships, and the way I viewed myself. I had to start writing about this fantastical way of speaking and behaving and it’s skyrocketed since.

I hold several certifications, including a 500-hour RYT in teaching yoga, breathwork, meditation, brain longevity, executive coaching, yoga philosophy, anatomy, and chakra. I proudly mentor MBA students at Montclair State University’s Feliciano School of Business, and one day, I aspire to bring my Kind Communicator Philosophy as an adjunct professor to inspire compassionate leadership to the next generation.

Along my journey, I’ve been fortunate to have been mentored by Gary Bishop, Wayne Dyer, Robin Sharma, and Tony Robbins. More recently, I’ve delved into the teachings of Alan Watts, Sadguru, and Dolores Cannon.

What’s next? More books and inspiration, of course. I truly love what I do and who I do it with.

Pensive Growth

In a fateful twist of fate, I survived a harrowing boating accident in January 2020, where I tragically lost the love of my life after being hit at 60 MPH by a double-engine speed boat in the British Virgin Islands. I was miraculously saved, but witnessing my partner’s passing left me grappling with profound grief, PTSD, and a spinal injury. Despite these challenges, I press on and seek solace in writing and coaching others on matters of the soul, the beauty of the present moment, and spirituality. Most beautifully, I was gifted with his presence on the other side, allowing me to realize, “We are not alone.”


I love to guide clients to color outside the lines and break free from society’s rigid standards and hyper-sensitized matrix. I am grateful for the opportunity to continue to strive to become the person I am destined to be.



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