Elizabeth Barry is The #1 Personal Branding Resource for Entrepreneurs

Hire Elizabeth as your virtual marketing consultant and receive creative assistance with Brand Story, Personal Branding, Sales, Copywriting, Customer Service, User Experience, Strategic Planning, Ideation and Whiteboard Sessions. 




World-Class Marketing & Sales Advice

Wow-Factor Tactical Strategic Communication 

The Power Session is a 30 day program that provides a one on one experience for entrepreneurs who feel “stuck”. You don’t have to do it alone. Get excited for a new marketing and sales strategy and get refreshing ideas that can grow your business in new directions, help you get to the point and find clarity in your message.

Elizabeth Barry is a trusted marketing expert who has partnered with hundreds of entrepreneurs to provide this personalized marketing service for the past 15 years. This session is tried and true and offers a unique blend of love and support.

Insightful & Honest Feedback

Elizabeth gets straight to the point and reviews your past, current and future efforts, while suggesting improvements and new solutions.

If you’re struggling to define or redefine your messaging, bring Elizabeth’s enthusiasm and contagious energy to your side in this tried and true service. Find focus and clarity as Elizabeth helps you fill the missing gaps of your brand. You’ll undoubtedly feel Elizabeth’s impact as soon as you begin working together. The results will be a document that outlines strategies, tactics, tips and ideas to use immediately and in the future, not to mention award-winning support and honesty about your brand image, message and direction.

Over the past 15 years, hundreds of power sessions and marketing strategies have been shared with happy, successful clients.

The Power Session Turn-Key Experience

Elizabeth will help you bring sales programs to life, create campaigns, tell new stories and work on new ways to make an impact with your personal brand.

Initial Analysis
Pre-screener questionnaire, EB’s research and review of your company.

Kickoff Consultation
Discussion of obstacles and goals within a one-hour zoom call. Overview of past/current/future marketing efforts.

Brainstorming And Strategy
Ideas developed and presented within 2 weeks of the first call.

Written Plan of Action
EB provides top-of-the-line strategic brand recommendations in a mastery document including an analysis of current materials, website/social media and any other marketing collateral. EB provides solutions, brand-planning, and a tactical breakdown of possible next steps.

Additional Marketing Services


Elizabeth is a valuable coach, consultant and mentor that helps solopreneurs break down challenges and see the bigger picture from a new angle. She’s been running a strategic marketing agency for 15 years and she has also worked at large digital marketing agencies, and has also coached clients in multi-million dollar agencies. (If your agency has issues, call Elizabeth for her coaching advice!)

The end result: You can spend thousands on a large agency and get dragged along with answers that come months later with a B team, you can join a cookie-cutter marketing company, web design agency or marketing group and get a cookie-cutter template OR… you hire Elizabeth and get tenacious, excited world-class results and honest answers right away.

She’s fun, tactical, highly communicative and cares about your brand project. Look forward to an investment that brings in top-of-the-line strategic marketing advice that you’ll be grateful for in years to come.

Take a call with her to see why she’s different. You’ll be glad you did.


Power Session Investment:

Includes: One month of consulting based on the above plan including kickoff
questionnaire, first phone call, marketing development, presentation of strategies and discussion of ideas, plus additional access to Elizabeth to ask questions, to receive coaching, consulting and mentorship.

Need Quick, Immediate Answers?

Elizabeth offers a Light Up Session that includes (2) 45 min one on one calls to answer questions, provide advice and activate consulting. From there, additional quotes can be provided as well. Purchase a Light Up or schedule a call to receive a custom quote for your project.

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