Heaven on Eleven & Little Book of Love Duo

Transform your relationship into an unbelievable love affair with the heart-centered story of Heaven on Eleven. Dive into romance, healthy communication, vulnerability, and the essence of time to be present with your lover in the now. Let the love notes and poetic words transport your heart to new heights.


High Standards of Love

Charged with love from the skies and belief from the sea, these books contain celebrated poetic verse revealing the power of connection that’s emitted between two souls when they build a foundation based on healthy communication and personal vows.

Discover the wonder of romantic love with Elizabeth Barry’s Little Book of Love. This tiny little book has immense poetic power to inspire you to celebrate connection, set higher standards, and build a strong relationship foundation. 

This whimsical bedside read inspires you to believe in the magic of growing together with your lover in romance, laughter, and togetherness. It includes a poetic twist, where each little phrase gets you thinking, smiling, and pausing to imagine its scene.

When we come together in a relationship, we typically bond and give up some of who we are for the other person. Years later, we struggle to find who that persona was and often blame another or ourselves.

Little Book of Love’s Magic Triangle shares how couples can communicate their vows and hold each other accountable to keep their individual goals and dreams as they continue in their relationship.

When you share your personal vows and you hold yourself accountable, and your partner does the same, magic happens. Even a year or two years later, when your vows change, you can review new ones and keep your love lit based on what you want out of the relationship at that time, or from yourself.

Healing is communication in a relationship and this little triangle can solve a ton of obstacles.

Spiritual Messages

  • Heaven on Eleven includes a series of spiritual encounters that Elizabeth Barry received and shares with you, the reader as a sign of belief and hope if you are in love, grieving, or have experienced loss.
  • Heaven on Eleven features nine parts that include ideas to take away to establish a beautiful connection with your lover.
  • Little Book of Love is the complimentary book that takes you through standards and expectations in a poetic way to reassure you that when you shift your principles to a higher elevation, love exudes naturally. 
  • These books are a recommended duo, but you can also purchase them individually. Elizabeth asks that you invest in them directly at thekindcommunicator.com.



BeyongEgo Publishing shares books perfect for individuals looking to develop healthy and effective ways to communicate in their relationships, in business, and to themselves. They offer inspiration to embody kind communication and compassionate leadership with mindfulness tips to go beyond the ego.

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Incredible life-changing topics include boundary setting, active listening, self-exploration, healthy breath regulation, responding vs. reacting, vulnerability, emotional intelligence, authenticity, leadership, curiosity, and more.shar