The Kind Communicator

Soft skills are the key to a brighter future. Elizabeth Barry’s ‘The Kind Communicator’ guides you to communicate sincerely and find inner peace in chaos. Embrace the power of now, transform your legacy with each kind word, and learn how understanding ego can guide you to be more authentic, compassionate, and happy.

Go Beyond Ego

Every page offers a voice of comfort with a dose of reality. If you’re looking for a connected, creative lifestyle, your confidence is found in The Kind Communicator. Read this book to clarify your next steps, and gift it to those around you who yearn for personal growth.

If you want to articulate desires, change habits, find the right words during challenging situations, and increase positivity during goal-setting endeavors, take Elizabeth’s BeyondEgo approach: Life begins where ego ends.

The Kind Communicator includes authentic photography of flowers mimicking mother nature’s beauty and ever-changing landscape to keep growing despite challenges. 

Themes like vulnerability, certainty, listening, possibility, and kindness electricity are sprinkled inside with activities and activations to help you write down your thoughts after mesmerizing short chapters that get you thinking. Did you know you’re 42% more inclined to reach your goals if you write things down?


If only we took the time to look into our hearts, we could see and feel more deeply, live less alienated from one another, and create fantastic energy with our connected minds.

The Kind Communicator should be a part of every employee’s journey, every marriage proposal, and every friendship endeavor. 

Where there are people, there are breakdowns in communication. It doesn’t have to be that way. A paradigm shift can occur within us all.

The Kind Communicator is a beacon of light for all leaders to communicate kindly. Suddenly, they all feel freer and want to use the tools instead of having them sit idle. Read it for yourself. Gift it to your team, and share it with friends.

Life Begins Where Ego Ends

Elizabeth asks that you purchase these books from her website,, instead of from places like Amazon. Sure, it’s easier and more accessible at the big giants, but her work gets rewarded back to her in a better way when you buy directly from the author. Plus, each book, from Elizabeth, has a beautiful gift of nature inside. Read it for:

  • Leadership
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Relationship nurturing
  • Curiosity
  • Kinder communication
  • Responding instead of reacting



The Kind Communicator has deeply influenced numerous lives, elevating clients’ self-worth by reigniting their connection with their inner spirit and fostering healthier relationships with others as they courageously journey towards new horizons. The future holds promise; embrace the present moment mindfully.