Become an Architect of Your Aliveness

Silent Integrity offers a metaphysical climb through the body’s seven chakras featuring breath regulation techniques that teach you how to stay calm, mudra for evaluating quiet moments, and energetic resonance teachings to learn about your energy. Embrace the tools of emotional intelligence and turn towards a non-reactive lifestyle. A calm, free spirit awaits. Supercharge your transformation and welcome the possibility of oneness with magical notes from mother nature along the way.

Embody Emotional Control

Silent Integrity’s creative path includes stories and activations to bring the reader to a place of neutrality. Are there really sides or can we accept, own, and move forward healthily without carrying the weight of societal expectations? What if we are all capable of using silence to heal the noise of the outside world? How can that goal add value to your life? Find out when you go on this spiritual journey mixing reality with a sweet dose of inspiration.

One of the best parts of this book is the chance to learn about your energy. Each lesson features an exploratory view of the seven chakras and includes an accompanying mantra and mudra to help you practice a calmer way of being. Mother Nature guides the way, and if you read this intentionally, it can become one long meditation session due to the consecutive breathwork activities that inspire you to develop emotional control, inner happiness, and a sense of peace.

Learn Mudra

Enjoy the chance to learn new embodiment practices to become the calmest, happiest version of yourself. Elizabeth’s metaphysical climb through the body features silent communication with the hands to activate and hone your energy levels so you can tap into the parasympathetic nervous system to reach a state of oneness. The videos below are helpful guides to what you read in the book. Use them as necessary to take a five minute breathe break for enhanced mental calmness.

Root Chakra Mudra

Sacral Chakra Mudra

Solar Plexus Chakra Mudra

Heart Chakra Mudra

Throat Chakra Mudra

Third Eye Chakra Mudra

Crown Chakra Mudra



The Kind Communicator has deeply influenced numerous lives, elevating clients’ self-worth by reigniting their connection with their inner spirit and fostering healthier relationships with others as they courageously journey towards new horizons. The future holds promise; embrace the present moment mindfully.