Become a Spiritual Warrior

Unlock your spiritual leader within. Elizabeth Barry’s ‘Lead by Example’ is your passport to a calmer, more empowered spiritual existence. Dive into nature-inspired wisdom, spirit animals, and breathwork as you embark on a transformative journey of your comeback story. Elevate your leadership style and unleash your potential for stillness with this book’s fantastical array of tools to heal yourself from within.

The circumstances of your life do not define you, your behavior does

Explore mindfulness theories and leadership strategies to immediately put into place to build and nurture relationships, initiate tough conversations, and empower new communication habits so that risks are taken, decisions are made, and your life thrives.

Lead by Example is a one-of-a-kind empowerment guide for every adult looking for a calm demeanor. Everyone on the search to connect their mind, heart, and spirit with love this book!

Free your heart from imaginary chains and breathe into the most powerful tips and advice that drive you toward your greatness.

Powered by nature analogies, spirit animals, and breathwork, this book shares exemplary visions of how to take your personal growth to the next level with some of the most exciting and fun stories and methodologies that can shift your persona in a lighter direction to let go of the BS and let in the light.


Introduce yourself to The Kind Communicator Philosophy, which embodies the mind, heart, spirit, and throat chakra to teach you how your energy affects your relationships and your daily moods. Have fun with powerful takeaways when you learn about synchronicity, Elizabeth’s dedicated 4 types of healing, plus three theories:

  • Messenger Mindset Theory
  • Quantum Theory of the Heart
  • Spiritual Intelligence Theory

Enjoy reading about the seven relationship types to wander into a place of balance in the different types of situations you find yourself in with people and know how to handle yourself with grace.

This book symbolizes your ability to get back up after any life fall. Anyone can become better than they were a few moments ago. With inspiration, practice, and dedication, spirit lights the way. Look around at nature and let her inspire your next breath.

World-Class Communication

Readers praise how this book motivates them to keep going after a slip-up or a fall from a career, divorce, loss or grief, or feeling stuck. They also love it when they are at a peak in life and want to stay spiritually grounded.

Elizabeth asks that you purchase Lead by Example from to receive an exclusive nature gift with each purchase. In this book, you’ll undoubtedly establish ways to:

  • Be a calm leader and effective communicator
  • Believe in yourself
  • Behave calmly in chaos
  • Experience a higher state of consciousness
  • Choose responsible behaviors



The Kind Communicator has deeply influenced numerous lives, elevating clients’ self-worth by reigniting their connection with their inner spirit and fostering healthier relationships with others as they courageously journey towards new horizons. The future holds promise; embrace the present moment mindfully.