Design Your Mind to be Kind

Revolutionize your relationships with others and yourself with ‘Design Your Mind to be Kind.’ Challenge habits, embrace change, and build lasting connections. This book follows The Kind Communicator with the “how” to explore the three habits of effective communicators and embodying your highest self with inspiration from nature. Let your authenticity soar in this book that lays out the path to finding greater happiness within.

Find Your Path to Happiness

With exclusive high-end photography from award-winning filmmaker and photographer John Dunston, and nearly 100 hand-drawn images that keep you reading and imagining a kinder communication style, this book fills your cup with the courage to shift your persona towards the positive. It’s more like a journey than reading a book… you’ll see!

Design Your Mind to be Kind is singing to you like a bird with open wings as you land on the branches of her pages. Elizabeth Barry invites you on a sacred journey to fly free and become rooted to the earth-a dichotomy open for your spiritual interpretation. Listen closely to how the phrase, breathe and smile, when repeated, can make a difference in bringing the magic of your spirit to life. Beyond any limitation, your pursuit of love, courage, and wonder can arrive with Mother Nature at your side when you embark on the 3 habits of effective communicators: Fly above, catch yourself, and speak your truth.


Take those habits and use them to embody your higher self with personality types to strive for, such as:

  • The Self-Exploration Warrior
  • The Awareness Chief
  • The Master of Let it Go
  • The Active Listener
  • The Curious Sage
  • The Freedom Spirit

Elizabeth asks that you invest in her books directly from her website at rather than the larger giants of Amazon. Sure, it may be easier, but from the artist’s perspective and all the work put into this 270-page book, she includes a special Mother Nature gift and experiences a greater reward when you buy directly from her. Thank you…



The Kind Communicator has deeply influenced numerous lives, elevating clients’ self-worth by reigniting their connection with their inner spirit and fostering healthier relationships with others as they courageously journey towards new horizons. The future holds promise; embrace the present moment mindfully.