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Kind Communicator: The Self Paced Course

Online, self-paced courses and mindfulness classes

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Deepen your understanding of communication to master soft skills, be a better listener, compassionate leader, kinder lover, and elevated public speaker. Everyone can benefit from communication improvements to achieve their greatest desires. The Kind Communicator Course includes 3 modules with over 35 videos and 10 hours of inspirational content designed to help you speak, act, and listen with patience and understanding. Overcome mindset blockages, de-stress and feel empowered. You’ll be drawn right in the moment you begin. Finish all three courses to earn a Kind Communicator Certificate and discounts on coaching.

Become a World-Class Kind Communicator

Speak and Listen with Clarity and Show up with Confidence

Get excited to enhance the way that you show up in life. This self-paced audio and video experience will inspire you to be a kinder communicator. Wake up happier with greater focus, presence and passion.

Invest in The Kind Communication Course to:

Communicate with Ease
Respond instead of React
Learn how to Breathe
Release your Triggers
Enable Peak Performance
Connect to your Higher Self
Improve Your Relationships
Increase Public Speaking Abilities
Boost Productivity
Strengthen Confidence

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Module 1. | Kind Communication Mastery

10 Videos, 3 Hours

Start your course learning how to go beyond ego, and discovering how you can increase confidence by implementing new speaking habits.

Module 2. | Design Your Mind To Be Kind

15 Videos, 4+ Hours

Continue on with  the 3 habits of effective communicators and the 6 personalities to enhance your higher self. Build courage, calm and balance in the way that you speak, listen and act.

Module 3. | Lead By Example

10 Videos, 3+ Hours

Finish the course with a boost of awareness, learning how your internal energy affects how you show up in life. Get inspired by The Kind Communicator Philosophy to breathe and use mindfulness techniques to shape your relationships, create boundaries and influence kinder, calmer behavior.


  • +Over 10 Hours of Inspirational Video Content and Communication Mastery
  • +35 Videos To Learn From and Rewatch Anytime
  • +3 Course Modules including: The Kind Communicator, Design Your Mind to be Kind and Lead By Example

All course members:

  • Learn how to work through communication road blocks
  • Handle stress, frustration and disruption with ease
  • Face challenges and navigate obstacles with stability and charm
  • Master the art of kind communication with a smile and breath
  • Raved about by business owners, managers, sales|marketing execs, couples and everyone who wants to level up

Results expected:

  • Calm and balance
  • Happier, healthier from the inside out
  • More spiritual and spirited
  • Present and aware
  • Compassionate and empathetic
  • Increased courage
  • Fall in love with yourself
  • Breathe and smile
  • Enjoy the journey
“This course changed my life! I was a frustrated and stubborn person, but now I’m super relaxed. I’m not afraid to be myself and I’m so much happier with who I am!”
“I went from rigid and irritated to confident and calm. Get this course today!”
“Elizabeth’s voice is very calming. I now breathe before I speak, thanks to her.”
“All too often, I struggle with communication. This course changed me. It enhanced my approach to life which was begging me to slow down. My behavior is more balanced and I can feel it.”

With thousands of hours coaching and training hundreds of leaders and adults worldwide, I’d love to help you become sincerely mindful, present and balanced. With each video, you’ll have the ability to see greatness within yourself.

You will absolutely love this journey to speak clearly, kindly and with confidence. Watch as your creativity, childlike spirit and freedom shines through your words and your self-expression seamlessly glows as you  humanize your communication to share more of yourself with grace to the world at large.

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Dearest Course Buyer,

I am here for you to build effective relationships with others as well as to strengthen the relationship with yourself.

  • Discover your communication strengths
  • Lessen worry, fear and guilt when you speak
  • Stop talking over and interrupting people
  • Speak up for your worth, kindly

I have popularized the concept of kind communication and the idea of going beyond ego to help you find personal greatness. I’ve worked with all types of personalities from across the globe to help adults to present themselves with ease. My kind communication books have sold hundreds of copies and I’m happy to deliver you the next level up from my books: Welcome to: The Kind Communicator Courses.

Become a vessel of emotionally powerful love that will transform your business, career, communication, relationships with positivity and inspiration.