Mindfully Speak, Listen, and Lead

Elevate your speaking style with purpose and intention using the most uplifting method for breath regulation and personal confidence.

Conscious communication offers tools to become so intentional that self-awareness and empathy play a notable role in your daily exchanges, and you acquire exemplary presence with self-belief.

Breathe and Balance

Conscious Communication invites you to stay present and be kind to yourself. 

Confidently transition into a space of neutrality to solve tension and frustration with breath regulation, yoga philosophy, mindfulness, and energy training. The results of this work will help you stand for your worth as you pause reactionary habits that no longer serve you. 

Life Begins Where Ego Ends

When you step away from who you think you need to be, you step into authenticity.

In a world characterized by an intense, frenetic pace, conscious communication offers breath regulation and consultative coaching as a refuge to navigate challenging situations. 

Delve into the interconnectedness of the mind, heart, diaphragm, spirit, and throat chakra to overcome self-imposed barriers and break free from mental setbacks.

You’re more energy than matter. Learn how to tame it.

With approximately 60,000 thoughts, 20,000 breaths, and 4,000 spoken words daily, every moment holds significance to foster a deeper connection with spiritual growth. Get out of your own way and step into the calmer version of yourself.

Create an aura so powerful by simply managing your energy and breath."

Spiritual Fitness

Elizabeth has developed a set of Spiritual Fitness tools to help you shift from viewing situations as good or bad. Do you need to be consumed by reactive sides, or can you manage your soft skills from a place of neutrality, where calm is of the utmost importance?

Whether this is the first or the 20th time you practice Elizabeth Barry’s body of work, your energy feels better due to advanced training in breathing techniques, mindfulness for stress management, and the magic of mindset re-patterning to progress with a mix of confidence and vulnerability.

Be Better at Who You Are And Who You Wish to Be

Conscious Communication philosophies to practice are found in Elizabeth Barry’s books, talks and book workshops, and in 1:1 energy sessions that humble you with a clearer picture of your reality with:  

  • Brain longevity breathwork regulation
  • Mindfulness and energy techniques
  • Soft skills for speaking and listening
  • Relationship development tools for conflict/resolution
  • Spiritual practices to replace mind-chatter
  • Positive affirmation training for personal growth

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