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BeyongEgo Publishing proudly offers self-development books, hand-made book marks, hand-painted gift cards, and a coloring book. They’re more than books, each piece is a coaching experience with a writing approach vital for living mindfully in the 21st century.

If you’re burnt out, confused, angry, exhausted, or stuck, BeyondEgo products create a healing space for reflective insight, and an energy boost for self-confidence so you can let go of playing small. 

Unlock the door to spiritual liberation and order the Self-Development library for a sacred source of living well.

Refreshingly Untraditional

Soft skills are the future of this world. Without them, we’re all spinning with the madness. 

BeyondEgo books welcome you to embody mindfulness with countless analogies to Mother Nature, inviting a memorable twist: When stress hits, won’t you look outside your window for a hint of peace? Each book comes with a nature gift to enhance that idea.

Incredible life-changing topics include boundary setting, active listening, self-exploration, healthy breath regulation, responding vs. reacting, vulnerability, emotional intelligence, authenticity, leadership, curiosity, and more.

Read a book, gift a book, and hire Elizabeth to host a book workshop and signing.

Book Collection

Silent Integrity

Silent Integrity is an absolute must-read for anyone looking to develop their character, learn how to breathe, and flex their spiritual muscles to release themselves from the societal matrix. Inside, find a motivational, metaphysical climb through the seven chakras with accompanying Integrity Principles and mudra to source inner solitude. The tranquility of silence never felt better. Enjoy this sweet read for the practices, and develop exceptional emotional control.

Color Flow, A Mindfulness Coloring Book

The Mindfulness Coloring book is an opportunity to enter the flow state where the brain’s alpha waves provide concentrative happiness and a deep focus to achieve goals and find freedom from everyday stressors. Enhancing the flow state lesson from Silent Integrity, this adult coloring book features 44 images, including spirit animals, nature motifs, and mandalas, to get lost in the art of creating with calm.

Own Your Vulnerability

Own Your Vulnerability is a women’s empowerment book featuring 20 leading pioneers who share their comeback stories of owning vulnerability through four pillars: Life, Self-Love, Career, and Spirituality. This is an excellent book for readers who are exhausted from playing small and want to grow in confidence.

The Kind Communicator

The Kind Communicator offers readers an inspirational view of their world through the lens of ego and authenticity. Each chapter is accompanied by flower photography and includes activations to practice what’s been read. This is an excellent book for anyone looking to build their character away from the lower self to achieve confidence with words.

Design Your Mind to be Kind

Design Your Mind to be Kind is a happy read. It features the three habits of effective communicators and the six personalities to embody your higher self. The notion of the book is to breathe and smile and it takes on the triumphant nature philosophy to stay rooted in your purpose, but also keep spiritually reaching for your next endeavor without looking back. This book is perfect for anyone looking to enhance their words and behaviors towards the positive.

Heaven on Eleven

Heaven on Eleven is a love story built into nine sections that feature case studies and ways to bring your own love story to life in your relationships. Based on Elizabeth Barry’s tragic loss of her love in 2020, this book offers readers a peek into communicating with your lover with kindness, directness, and without fear to embark on a love affair so sweet, it’ll get you thinking about how to keep the flame lit simply by tiny gestures and a softer approach.

Little Book of Love

Little Book of Love is a fantastical bedside read that shares a whimsical view of love through a poetic lens. This book is exemplary for couples to read out loud with a glass of wine or in bed together to create vows and principles to hold each other accountable for individual and collective greatness in a relationship. You will absolutely adore this trip into Mother Nature and it’s a great gift for anyone who loves to love!

Lead by Example

Lead By Example is a spiritual comeback story for anyone recovering from loss, challenges, or chaos. Featuring Messenger Mindset Theory, Quantum Theory of the Heart, and Spiritual Intelligence Theory, this book is excellent for readers looking to tap into their courage and commit to a newfound path without the past dragging them down. Your circumstances do not define you, your behavior does.

The Collection

Elizabeth’s book collection includes self-empowerment books, a coloring book, hand-painted greeting cards, and custom nature bookmarks. All books are available on this website, and personalized gifts are included with each order. Thank you for shopping small and for recommending them to friends and events.

Discover the simplicity of slowing down and viewing life from a higher perspective.

“Reading Elizabeth’s books is like a return to self. Or meeting yourself for the first time- again!” V.B.

Each book invites you to discover the simplicity of slowing down to view life from a higher perspective. 

Loving Residuals

Once you read one of Elizabeth’s BeyondEgo books, you’ll take a walk, get lost in the art of silence next to a tree or a mountain, or find a new appreciation for the sky. 

Elizabeth whimsically writes in a fashion that nurtures the reader. She infuses the teachings of nature to impact communication, behavior, self-belief, vulnerability, and creativity. You’ll love how she uses words of wisdom to interpret a story to activate a leaf, a petal, or a stream of water to discover your authenticity.

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The Kind Communicator reignites your connection with your inner spirit, elevating self-worth. The future holds promise; embrace the present moment mindfully. Learn how today!