As my new book has launched, I’m anxiously awaiting the world to dive into each page and chapter as I help them explore the 3 habits of effective communicators and the 6 personalities to embody your highest self.

This book comes very timely with our worldly situation of the Corona Virus. The book’s teachings are based within mother nature, which we adults can use a few lessons about right now, as the mother is speaking- from swans and dolphins returning in Venice, to the crazy storms this week in the US, to the 75 degree temperature in NYC today and snow on Monday, to a large chunk the size of Chicago in Yellowstone National Park that has started to pulse. The mother is speaking in many ways.

The mother is voicing her opinions right now and while my work is inspired by nature, I want to reiterate that although poetic, this book is especially important for business. Readers learn creative ideas about how to overcome business obstacles.

For all business leaders, politicians, experts, gurus, CEOs and intellectuals who love to wear a suit, love to use technology, and think and feel smart, here are the things you’ll LOVE to love in this book, based in nature, with a very strong undertow of business leadership.

  1. How do deal with office stress
  2. How to deal with annoying people (yes I said it, it’s true and you know it)
  3. How to artfully handle adult bullying
  4. How to stand up for your worth
  5. How to walk away from a relationship that no longer serves you (career, love, family)
  6. How to train your leadership skills to host kick-ass meetings
  7. How to speak to office teams about their lack of performance (and they still like you afterwards)
  8. How to reinvent yourself
  9. How to feel like you’re enough
  10. How to shush yourself (this tip’s really good!)
  11. How to show up in meetings, in work, in all relationships to create a positive legacy
  12. How to speak up kindly when you don’t like what’s happening
  13. How to tell someone you’re not happy with them, but come out of it ok on both sides
  14. How to be a leader with dignity and still make a profit
  15. How to grow teams that are empowered and inspired by your leadership skillsets

I’ve spent nearly 20 years as an entrepreneur, marketing expert and branding guru. I’ve hosted, curated and pioneered 17 TEDx events, including the coaching of hundreds of speakers, leaders, CEOs, managers and entrepreneurs. All of this work has led me to open my doors as a performance coach. Stop your excuses, I hear them all. I know them well. I used to make them too. Stop your BS stories, I can help. Stop the negative talk, the toxic chatter, the drama- the aggressive behaviors. Now more than ever, we’re all starting on the same line of this marathon and when this quarantine is over, and the whistle blows to run again, you want to better prepare yourself to be a happier, healthier you, because your legacy is counting on it.

The value of my work in kind communication is not about learning how to be nice, it’s about learning how to be a better you which radiates outwards in the most positive ways you don’t even know exist, until you read the books, get coached, do the work and practice it all as a lifestyle.

Join me and get a copy or many of this new book for yourself, friends, teams and groups that you know will appreciate this work, the words and the valuable lessons inside. Books are available and signed with each copy purchased on my website.

Any business leaders who enjoy nature and poetry, take a listen to this spoken word poem that perfectly encapsulates the entire book through its melodies.