Be a Better Listener. Be a Better Speaker.

I’m creating a community for the culture of kind communication to exist and thrive. This is a chance for understanding kindness in order to become a better communicator. In order to speak up, live in the moment through softer words and actions, and work through your career as a higher, more elevated human being, you must innovate. My project, my body of work, it’s called The Kindness Innovation because to innovate means to change something that already exists- your habits. I write, coach and speak at universities, offices and brands to teach employees the value of empathy, compassion and soft skills.

As we evolve and learn about the wisdom that we have inside of us, we are able to hear our own call for empathy as well as the empathy call of other human beings- the very idea that we exist together and can do so nicely, it’s important to learn how to feel and emote in proper ways with dignity and integrity. Kind communication is essential to all human life, and it’s certainly a valuable business tool. I teach it proudly. A study by Cognisco showed that poor communication costs a business $37 billion dollars per year. 

On the lighter side, proper communication is profitable. So where do we begin? Well, you can hire me and we can get started right away.

Did you know that consumers in the US return more than $14 billion worth of equipment every year. 85% of those cases have nothing wrong with the merchandise and most times, consumer won’t go back to a company if they don’t like or can’t use a product. A large majority was because of a breakdown in communication. People didn’t understand how to use the products, the instructions were not conveyed and they returned them and most likely won’t return to the brand. Think about this as an analogy for your company. If you’re not properly arming your managers with the tools to train and empower their teams, you’re going to have many returns… in fact, the opposite, a lack of people will NOT return to your company. And many of them will share on social… why. Big HR hazard.

Furthermore in the HR dept. it is said that it costs more than $3500 to replace an employee who makes $10 an hour. The general rule is that it costs 20%of a person’s salary to replace them. So if an employee makes $35K a year, it will cost $7k to replace them. Companies, big and small need coaching and training as a vital part of their budgets in 2020 and it needs to begin NOW.

The lack of proper communication in business is costing companies billions of dollars.

Sales people talk too much instead of listen, teams fire off quick emails and throw each other under the bus.

Students are coming into jobs having social media at their hands for quite some time with a serious lack of interpersonal skills in communicating. They rely on screens and phones instead of real time talking and need instantaneous likes or else they fire off emotions. These are your potential new hires! There are no damn likes or emojis in real life!

There was a study conducted at a college that I had showed a massive decline in empathy in students because they rely on their online friends, causing a dire NEED to have responses and if there is a lack of response, students turn away and tune out, feel neglected and are far too sensitive. These again, they’re your new hires! Get ready folks- the communication missiles are coming, along with a lot of crying and being defensive or passive aggressive. Not fun? Nope. Hire me.

We often blame everyone else when there’s a lack of communication but ourselves. The Kindness Innovation states that there is always room for improvement and when we struggle to articulate a response, when we get derailed or nervous, we must listen, we must take note of what we need to hear to truly communicate a kind response.

Our communication weaknesses and mistakes, our poor interpersonal skills and how they affect others are in the spotlight. Repeating ourselves, rambling, blaming, degrading the self through inner chatter, trying to impress too hard, interrupting people, lack of focus, lack of brevity. The list goes on.

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I call myself the Chief Kindness Officer and I train and encourage, empower and inspire teams at businesses and companies and universities across the US on how to be a better speaker and listener and I’d like to offer to train your teams.

Let’s set up a date in the calendar to truly make this year a win for you so that you can return to the office, together, stronger, wiser and better off- thanks to empathetic and compassionate leadership skills and kinder communication. 908-670-1998., or click here and get excited for changing the way your people communicate.

Thank you