BE 1 | Beyond Ego   Elizabeth Barry, the founder of BeyondEgo, takes us into the realm of what it means to go “beyond” and how the idea of this podcast came about. With a few intriguing lessons from Dr. Seuss and ideas shared about how to transform into a better leader and communicator through vulnerability and authenticity, Elizabeth will leave you with a smile on your face as you realize that adulting with benefits is just what you need. The idea of going beyond our ego and stepping into more of who we are meant to be, beyond who we think we ought to be, is a new lifestyle choice. Every day we all have an opportunity to respond or react to situations. If you’re looking for a new podcast that can share the best of leadership – from the falls, the mistakes, the muck, and the vulnerability – this show will guide you to smile more with a lighter stride in life. Are you ready to go beyond? We certainly hope so!

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Going Beyond Ego: Stepping Into Who You Are Meant To Be

This is an epic time. It’s a powerful topic. Going BeyondEgo leads us to the direction that we all yearn to go and that direction is up. In order to go up, we must experience what’s hindering us. I ask you, will you surrender with me? BeyondEgo is your self-loving guide to leadership. It’s a journey to being human behind the walls that we put up. Standing tall and staring at our reflections in the mirror with intrinsic value as we strive to become better communicators with our self and with others. BeyondEgo is a toast, so raise your glass with me to talking healthfully about ego and not feeling ashamed, scared, maybe even embarrassed about our flaws, weaknesses or mistakes. Loving our fault is the best way to get ahead. I’m an executive business coach and marketing consultant with nearly twenty years of entrepreneurial vision, enthusiasm for building brands and creating better leaders. Over my tenure, I’ve recognized that the best of leaders have coaches. The best learners live what I call the life fulfilled. If you’ve been hesitant to hire a business coach, take the jump. If you’re holding yourself back or playing small, it’s the time to act. The present is where the magic happens and if you’re willing to take risks, the rewards will be plentiful. I promise you that. To own your courage confidently to get these rewards, we must lead a healthy communicative life. Think of me as your new personnel accountability coach because having someone to hold you accountable is powerful and you can think of me us an adult play date.

What BeyondEgo Means

You’re my new friend and I’ll tell you exactly what you need to hear so that we can all get ahead. After all, that’s what best friends are for. We tell each other how we feel in order to up-level ourselves and up-rise. We don’t hold things back from each other. My favorite thing to do, when I’m coaching or not is to share my passion with compassion and allow the people around me to raise their frequencies to a state of happiness. Personal and professional success is all about being conscious. It’s about being aware. I’m sure you’re wondering what BeyondEgo means. BeyondEgo is a new platform. It’s a leadership mindset that I’ve created to share. It’s an idea that we can all have the ability to see everything from a different lens and perspective, if we give ourselves the time and the patience to do so. We all have the ability to move forward with grace, patience and equanimity. We all have the ability to see everything from a different lens and perspective. Click To Tweet We can change ourselves instead of being stressed, anxious or reacting instead of responding. Living in this fast-paced and sometimes chaotic world, we owe it to ourselves to slow down, which equates to rising up. I work privately with senior executives and entrepreneurs about the way they show up, sharing ideas, solutions about the communication patterns that they’re not aware of and ashamed of. Piece by piece we put the triggers and patterns together. Over time, transformations occur. It’s a very rewarding experience. If you’re feeling stuck or need a life change, maybe you’re looking for a business to build or you want to rebrand your business and make a little bit more money, I challenge every single entrepreneur and senior executive out there to take one month of coaching or business consulting with me, especially those who are skeptical. To those who think they have it all together, come with me for one month, 30 days. At the end of that month, let’s evaluate your personal wow factor and see how much you smile more often. Perspective is everything. Wayne Dyer, one of my favorite writers said, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Miracles and how we behave do transform how we feel about life and how we feel about each other. If you felt challenged by the way that you show up, perhaps you feel rushed, stressed or maybe even anxious, we can all be at some point in our lives. Perhaps you’re even feeling anxious, unhappy or unfulfilled, which is why you’re at BeyondEgo. This is what BeyondEgo was about. It’s a new community of all of us together. It’s about showing you that what’s beyond is a simple evolution. We can go to the next level easily because it’s within all of us. If we feel like we’re stuck, I’m here to help you get unstuck. BeyondEgo can become your new lifestyle and you can use the phrase in your daily conversation. Perhaps if I asked you, “What are you doing now?” You can say, “I’m going BeyondEgo.” You don’t have to say that, but that’s what it’s about. It’s about a state of mind, a lifestyle. Once you get through the vulnerability, the perseverance, you get to the goals you wish to achieve quicker and happier. The results of this vision, this beyond mindset is to take risks and try new things. It’s to discover ways of being, to speak up with confidence, to make more money, to save time, save money, build stronger, healthier relationships and be willing to live in the present moment.
BE 1 | Beyond Ego

Beyond Ego: Beyond Ego is about a state of mind and a lifestyle. The results of this vision, this beyond mindset, is to take risks and try new things.


The Idea Of BeyondEgo

In every podcast episode, you will discover the secrets of what’s beyond yourself, through conversations that I have with leaders that I have lined up. The idea of BeyondEgo came about when I was talking about instilling the ideas of vulnerability and integrity, which are at the core basis of all of my coaching methods. It’s talking about that with some of the most elite entrepreneurs I knew. I was trying to change our mindsets because it’s hard work. I want you to know it’s not about doing things wrong. It’s not about pointing fingers. It’s about doing things wrong, becoming aware, being okay with it, learning to become better and taking a breath. The ego holds us back from the acknowledgment of our wrongs and tries to make us right far too often. The idea of going beyond is about the beauty of admitting to our mistakes. I turned on to Dr. Seuss book, On Beyond Zebra!. Being a cat mom and not a real mom, I didn’t know about this book. I purchased it and immediately I was amazed at how Dr. Seuss talks about creating words beyond the letter Z and these scary feelings that are derived with the things and ideas that are beyond. As I read through the book, I correlated its teachings to adults and their egos. Beyond our ego lies the depth of who we are. Although we’re afraid of going to our deep core and center, when we do, that’s where the magic happens. That’s where the fears are left behind, perhaps even stare at it healthily at the face and said, “This is what I fear. This is what I’m willing to get rid of, to let go of in order to grow and transform myself.” That’s where life opens its doors for us to up-level. That’s where the a-has come pouring in, knocking down, maybe even barging down the doors of our lives and wakes us up. Dr. Seuss said things like, “Z is as far as the alphabet goes. Most people stop with a Z, but not me.” Right there in that book, I realized that life begins where the ego ends. It was brilliant. Like Dr. Seuss’ characters, most of us stop at Z. We had this need to be right by staying comfortable. What if we went beyond? What if we looked deeper beyond the surface, beyond the norm, beyond our comfort zones? Dr. Seuss added, “You’ll be surprised what there is to be found.” It’s an amazing work. I directly correlated these thoughts of going BeyondEgo and this lifestyle, this mindset, this leadership mantra was created. We will be surprised by what we find beyond ourselves because awareness isn’t a natural occurrence in life. We have to teach ourselves to break open. Own your path to personal and professional development. That can be whatever you want it to be. Click To Tweet That usually comes with a bit of an awakening, some harsh truths, maybe even waking up to how we show up in this world, through the perspectives of other people and also by looking within. That can sometimes be hurtful, but there’s a purpose in pain. I want you to follow that pain. There’s an answer there. I promise you that. If you stay with me in BeyondEgo, I will teach you about the secrets that are within this mindset. It’s the tipping point and this is the place where we break open to our truest potential. We bloom like flowers as humans. I want you to close your eyes. Picture a beautiful flower, and imagine a time lapse of this beautiful flower opening for the first time with the sun and watching a flower bloom through a time lapse. I see it happen with my clients over and over again as I coached them in business, marketing and personal development. I watched them grow. We peel back layer after layer of mistakes and challenge to find the beauty within. In essence with this podcast, we’re all blooming as adults. We are together celebrating this new podcast series to rediscover the art of healthy communication, to instill integrity within our beings, to find curiosity and to persevere. All the great core values that lead to a life fulfilled, BeyondEgo is beyond status and salary. It’s an active role in going beyond who you are, who you think you ought to be because that’s where the growth lives. If we break it down simply, let’s separate the words beyond and ego. First, there’s beyond. Beyond can be anything you wish for it to be. Beyond your dreams, do it. Beyond your current status, make it happen. The beyond part is the risk-taking. That’s where the rewards are. It’s the thrills. If you’re not going beyond, if you’re not taking risks, you’re not in the game. If you’re not in the game, you’re bored or complacent, maybe even traditional. You might need a little bit of pizazz in your life. Let me ask you, am I right? Are you feeling me? Do you feel that perhaps you want to be able to get on the other side of this beyond mindset? If you do, good, on we go. Then we have the word ego. That’s a scary word that frightens the most of us and inspires a lot of the rest.
BE 1 | Beyond Ego

Beyond Ego: The Kind Communicator: Kindness, Compassion and Wisdom for all Business Leaders


The Lesson

My intention with the BeyondEgo mindset, my books and this show is to teach us all a healthier way of going about who we are within our truth. It’s in our authenticity because ego is a teacher. There’s always a lesson. The ego tries to write your legacy, but you have a choice. You can take control of who you are or you can let the ego decide. The thing I love about BeyondEgo is the word go in the phrase. Go is defined as to move from one point to another. It’s to travel. If you even consider BeyondEgo as traveling, you can think of it as going forward towards our best selves. Even the core part is when it’s defined as an informal. I’m not going to be grammatical because grammar is not my thing but I looked it up and I was like, the word go means energy. It means spirits, zest and enthusiasm. What we’re looking at here is a lifestyle and a mindset that can inspire energy in us all to go beyond ourselves, our doubts, limitations. Acquire the commitment and the will to win at being genuine, respectful, passionate, innovative and kind, which ultimately leads to leadership legacy. We all have a limited time on this planet and none of us knows exactly when our time is up. It’s all divine. That’s why I use the phrase living the life fulfilled. I don’t say it, I do live it. I truly live life wholeheartedly and I want to bring you with me. Together, let’s go beyond and love the moon, the stars, the flowers, the bees. Let’s be authentically alive in every single moment, letting stress go and instilling greater breath into our days. It’s all in the exhale, but I want to give you a unique perspective. It’s the lens I was speaking about for all of my leaders out there. There are 86,400 seconds in each day. Let’s pretend that the 86,400 seconds is money and our days are our bank account. Every single day, every 24 hours, you get $86,400 in your account. What would you do with this money if it kept coming? You’d spend it. Spend your valuable daily seconds in a worthy, inspirational way, like they were money. You owe it to yourself to go beyond. Opportunity is possibility. Click To Tweet This beyond mindset helps us embrace truth and truth is reality. The joy of learning about our truth is thought leadership at its finest. When we are free from the distortions of ego, we practice the art of self-love and self-reflection. We radically improve our lives through this method. You can either sit on the sidelines or play the game. You can either be comfortable or be uncomfortable and truly live life. Getting on your horse, giddy up and ride. What I’ve learned about that road to success is that it’s very satisfying. The real deal, the golden ticket of success is not the actual achievement of it. It’s the personal evolution that comes with it. It’s how we grow along the way. Every time you fall off your horse, you get back up and you ride. You don’t stay there, cry or maybe you do but you get back up at some point, and you keep going. Personal greatness is found in that ride. It’s found in that vulnerability journey, in the falls, mistakes and the muck.

Breath Versus Reaction

That’s where the lessons live. When we learn, we go beyond ourselves. We see beyond. We have the courage to struggle and the choice to evolve. The painstakingly humbling, even embarrassing journey of seeing our ego and its arrogance in rare form is a blessing. It teaches us balance and equanimity. Maybe we can learn to breathe a little bit more instead of reacting. Ask yourself that question, “Do I react a lot? Can I choose breath instead of a reaction?” I know that you can. It takes practice and it takes a little bit of vulnerability to look wrong at the moment. Remember what I said before, “It’s not about being wrong, it’s about being wrong and being okay with it.” I have a new book coming out. I’m proud of it and I’m so excited to share it with you. It’s called The Kind Communicator. In it, I use breath as a teacher. It’s mentioned in almost every chapter to breathe with me so that my readers instill it as a habit and my hope is that from breathing so much throughout the book, they bring their breath beyond the page, into their lives, into their chaos, their challenges and even their greatness. Imagine breathing through your greatness. Most of us leaders, as business enthusiasts and entrepreneurs, we’re working around the clock. We achieved something, we put it in the achievement box and we keep going but where’s the breath? Where’s that small celebration? How about you instill breath into your achievements and celebrate those small wins? The reason most of us are so overwhelmed is that we don’t take time for breath. We don’t take the time to acknowledge our greatness when it’s so rightfully deserved. It’s the little things that matter.
BE 1 | Beyond Ego

Beyond Ego: Looking within healthily helps you communicate what you want to say and feel in a better way.

  Highlight your small wins, not by boasting but by sharing your love for them simply at the moment when they’re happening. Don’t let that time pass you by. I learned and understood what self-love meant. Yes, I do the bubble bath, the jazz on Sunday mornings, the quiet glass of wine at night, going to the movies by myself. All of that is self-love, but self-love is also the breath that we give to ourselves every day. It’s the pause and my leadership clients know that when they succumb to breath, and when they surrender to the weakest parts of themselves, they grow. They find deep humility they never thought was possible. It’s all in the breath. It’s in the exhale, that’s beyond. I teach my clients that when they go beyond in a moment of weakness, anger or fear, maybe even jealousy to find that exhale. Sometimes I ask them to do it a few times and I ask them this because I’ve done it over the years. Over that long period of time, all of those exhales in my weak moments and all of those breaths have changed my life for the better. It changed the way my brain functions in a way and I’m so proud of the work that I’ve done. I’m proud of the work that you’re going to do with me and well beyond it because we’re teaching each other. We’re becoming a community of people who are okay with the falls. The ego part of the brain presents us from acknowledging our weakness because the ego tells us that we need to be right and this is where our fears live. It’s bollocks but beyond this journey, we’re striving to live on a higher level of consciousness with more awareness so we can take in every day. Instead of our instinct to attack or get angry when something goes wrong, which is the illogical handling in these types of situations, we can choose breath. We can break open and say goodbye to the inferior decisions of the ego. We can choose to smile. We can always see or acknowledge everything, which is why executive coaching was invented. Mine personally because I instill vulnerability in every single call with every single client. It’s not until we own our weakness that we can achieve and own our courage and that’s where we have the chance to up-level. We have to reflect on the path. Let’s become one with the beyond mindset.

Own It

Let’s go on the search for the core values needed to navigate the complexities of life, self, career and relationships in order to live what I call the life fulfilled. Let’s gain the charisma that we rightfully deserve. Living each moment and driven with fortitude and unwavering self-belief. Let’s find the compassion to love ourselves and others in a more connected way. If you suffer from over-complicating the simple, which I’m sure that you do, we all do, if you’re exhausted from happiness, destination addiction, which is, “I’ll be happier if. I’ll be happier when,” let’s get unstuck together. How about that? How about we own it? I often use the phrase, “Own it.” It’s derived from my first book for women called Own Your Vulnerability. Once we own our BeyondEgo-ness, we come alive. That can be whatever you wanted to be. That can be owning your greatness, strength, courage, confidence, accountability and your responsibility. It’s all owning your path to personal and professional development. Do you want to know what I call the people who have come alive with me, those who have owned it, their personal accountability, those who are ready to own our vulnerability? That’s my tribe and that’s you, my new audience. You’re affectionately now known as OnBeyonders. OnBeyonders seek to become more of themselves and less like the pack. They are thriving with individuality and courage. With our connection together, we become contagious to be around. OnBeyonders, we’re wise, we’re aspirational, we evolve with personal improvement daily. You’re an OnBeyonder, you’re set to become a communication innovator. That means you’re going to talk about ego healthily. You’re going to look within healthily and that helps you communicate what you want to say and feel in a better way. You’re ready to up-level your confidence. You want to be accountable for creating a new meaning for the world and for your days. Those seconds that I spoke about before. You’re ready to change negative patterns and behaviors into responsible moments with self. OnBeyonders, don’t feel our flaws because we believe that what’s beyond is beautiful. We’re not shackled to the past, but rather create a healthy future and present moment with the beyond mindset. How awesome is this?

BeyondEgo Platform

This is our great new leadership platform. It’s called BeyondEgo and I’m super excited that you’re with me. I have more than 200 guests to discuss leadership within its most rugged and shiny parts. We’re going to dive into conversations about going beyond through the lens of vulnerability because sometimes we feel alone when we fall. My mission is to make sure that you don’t feel alone. My mission is to connect us all at our core level of humanity as leaders. Perhaps we can all lose the idea of status and gain the idea of kindness and equanimity holding hands, even though we’re not even touching. We’re on this beautiful thing called the internet. With the BeyondEgo mindset, we recognize that opportunity is possibility. How do we go beyond? You can subscribe to the BeyondEgo podcast, tell your friends, your co-workers, managers and all the cool people you know to follow and subscribe, so that they too can learn about the BeyondEgo stories that can inspire our personal and professional development. You can join the OnBeyonders on Facebook in my BeyondEgo Facebook group. It’s a place of inspiration, community and collaboration where we can all learn and share together. If you want to follow me personally, you can visit my website, or you can learn about tips about business coaching and consulting. Maybe even follow me on LinkedIn for articles and business tips. I’m also on Instagram @ElizabethBarryLeadership. My new book, The Kind Communicator is available to purchase on Amazon, iTunes and Kindle. Please purchase a copy and email me your thoughts and what you think about kind communication and compassionate leadership. Perhaps we can discuss it on a BeyondEgo episode. If you’re interested in becoming a guest, you can email me at In all sense of the words, thank you and please stay up to date with the truth that I’m sharing with this world. How do you want to go beyond and what are you willing to give up to get there? See you next time with more from me. Don’t forget to subscribe to learn more about our creative and courageous guests that are set to motivate you to live the life fulfilled. Let’s go beyond.

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