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The Kind Communicator Effect:
Go Beyond Ego

Meet Elizabeth Barry, the powerhouse communication coach who has created a mission that helps hundreds of women and men get out of their own way within the areas of self-love, spirituality, career, relationships, vulnerability, leadership and personal branding. When you learn how to go beyond ego and step into your authenticity, you feel fully alive! Learn what kind communication really means for your values, career growth, and focus to truly diffuse limiting beliefs and live in your personal power.

Life Begins Where Ego Ends

Elizabeth’s Kind Communicator Coaching Program offers a sacred space to feel seen and heard with authentic training in personal and professional mindfulness skillsets. She has over 20 years of experience and has worked with Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Robin Sharma, Gary Bishop and many other transformational leadership masters. She’s built hundreds of personal brands and coached TEDx speakers and leadership teams to believe in themselves.

Let Elizabeth’s energetic charm, acute listening and craftily written follow ups create a huge transformation in how you can increase perseverance and go beyond ego in your life. Her program consists of coaching, mindfulness, breathwork, guided meditation, stress-release, communication and energy.

Become the Calmest Person You ever Dreamed You Could be

If you’re ready to diffuse fear, if you’re tired of reacting and exhausted from playing small, this is your invitation to join Elizabeth’s coaching program, buy books, join her BeyondEgo Facebook Group and listen to her podcast to increase your self-worth. Elizabeth’s clients are small business leaders, coaches, speakers, managers, sales executives and CEOs, as well as anyone going through a transition. Welcome…


Who's in Elizabeth's Powerful 20 Year Network?

People who are ready to be held accountable

Frustrated adults who want to create more time for themselves

Managers who desire ‘people skills’, soft skills, and leadership training

Entrepreneurs who want to focus and see more prosperity

CEO’s who feel stuck in their business and want motivation to keep going

Partners who want to relate to their lovers with respect and intimacy

Reactors who are tired of their toxicity and anxiety

Leaders who want to increase personal confidence and build a legacy

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Hire Elizabeth Barry

“I created The Kind Communicator, a transformative 1:1 Coaching Program to help clients communicate with ease and get out of their own way. I want everyone that I work with to find comfort in knowing that they can speak with confidence and find their authenticity beyond fear and ego. The results of this program are astounding; it’s a life-changing experience.

If it’s time for you to invest in your personal and professional growth to accelerate positive change with measurable results, your habits can change. I’m living proof. You can be too. I can’t wait to meet you.” – EB




Personal Mastery for adults looking for transformation

1:1  Unstoppable Authenticity Coaching 

Find your confidence, purpose and passion. Manage short and long term goals, career transitions, relationships, leadership skills and personal performance power – all through how you communicate.

Insightful & Honest Feedback

The Kind Communicator creates world-class leaders who speak, act and listen with confidence, mindfulness, breathwork and motivation. Expect to think, act, feel and behave with uplifted ethics and morale.

With 20 years of proven effectiveness for creating positive changes in people, Elizabeth is happy to help you humanize your communication skillsets with her proprietary coaching program.

It takes courage and humility to “unlearn” habits, but as soon as you commit to yourself and practice new ways to mindfully speak and listen in the kind communicator fashion, a new sense of integrity and self-respect appear. It’s a gift and a journey!

You are Strong, Wise & Talented

NEW! A Month of Healing: Intro to Coaching Package with Meditation, Mala and Breathwork

Before you begin a long term plan, you can invest in this introductory session that helps you receive encouragement and empowering advice. Get introduced to The Kind Communicator Philosophy with this Month of Healing program that helps to regulate your nervous system, infuses you with happiness and hope and teaches you the introductory tools to be a kind communicator, passionate about your purpose in life.

Be AMAZED at this introductory program that includes:

-2 (45) min coaching sessions and email follow up

-1 (20) min guided meditation based on your goal of choice

-1 (30) min breathwork session, teaching you how to slow down

-1 Book from my BeyondEgo library (your choice)

-1 BEAUTIFUL BeyondEgo Mala Bead featuring Moonstone and Amazonite to soothe, calm, rejuvenate and reflect tranquility, patience, intuition and honesty.

-Discount on the Upcoming Kind Communicator Course!


If you wish to continue with the signature 4 month coaching program, this program will roll into the package if you choose to continue.

INTRO PACKAGE: ONLY $749. Click here to sign up.

SAY YES to Being a Strong, Wise & Talented Learner

Dear Potential Clients,

Let’s work together to humanize your communication, increase your connection with the world and live a more passionate life.

I love working with people who want to better human beings, better lovers, employees, leaders and contributors to life. If you’re ready to discover a humble way to see the world, the proprietary performance tools presented in my program will strengthen your mental awareness to take on the challenges that come your way.

The positive support system of The Kind Communicator help you to unlock your human potential so that you move forward with a solutions-based approach to make your dreams a reality.

Additional Benefits

Motivation. Find out what deeply motivates you and let that become a catalyst for change to apply new principles of world-class kind communication to your life.

Mindfulness. Accelerate self-respect, emotional regulation, social connections, romantic relations and business etiquette.

Passion. Discover a newfound ability to be more flexible with changing circumstances with a positive mindset vs. being held back by past ego or perfectionist habits. Transition from frazzled to a goal-setting purpose-filled, and passionate.

Balance. Improve how you react to conflict situations with less emotion and more humility.

Well-being. Increase your sense of security and safety when you start to model healthy behavior, not only because you have to, but because you want to.

Clients Truly Learn How to Love Themselves More!

Just a note to you to say thanks!


I heard you last night, and was able to use what you taught me.

During our coaching sessions you would listen to every word I said, and now I Know how important it is to stay silent. I experienced it last night.

I was in a conversation where I was listening to this person speak.  And then I heard it!!  I heard the words coming from this person that I used to speak.  And then I heard you speaking!  You speaking those same words back to me.  You not only brought them to my attention, You suggested a new word or phrase to use and asked how they felt.

Everything you coached me on was there for me to give the gift of new suggested words or phrases to this person.  Your coaching helped educate me to help educate this person.  The words flowed out like butter I knew exactly what to say and what to ask.  Most importantly I stayed silent and listened, took mental notes then spoke.

It was an amazing experience.  Everything I’ve learned and worked on with you was being used to help this person.  I repeatedly used Kind Communication.

You really don’t know what the subconscious has taken in until you are in a situation where you are using it yourself.

Thank you Elizabeth, love D.T.

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